A Tale of Two Dads…

Jun 08, 2019Reading Time: 5 min

Dads are like snowflakes no two are exactly the same, but there are certain Dad personas that can be identified to help you make a gift purchase. There are cool Dads which includes Dads that are actually cool and those that think they still are cool. The other category of Dads are the ones who embrace their non-cool Dad status and just love their families and having a good time!

Do not fear at we don’t discriminate based on Dad status. We have gifts from our amazing business partners that will satisfy every Dad!


Let’s start with James Bond-007 Dad. He is cool beyond belief, loves technology, has everything and is always a problem when it comes time to get him something awesome until now! There is no way your Dad will not be impressed with a gift from This website is Jason Bourne, James Bond and George Clooney all rolled into one. has luxury fashion, eyewear, luggage, timepieces, electronics and accessories for the most discerning Dad. The design philosophy is inspired by the sun, sea, lightness, and freedom. offers a 35% off Porsche Design coupon and free shipping if your Dad is a match for this exclusive site.

Design Milk Travels is the answer to the cool Dads desire to satisfy his need to seek adventure! This site showcases well-designed products to make travel better-so Dad can get more out of his journey. Whether his travel is for work or pleasure, he will love the products they offer. He will look super cool with his cashmere travel kit which includes comfy, cool socks and a cashmere eye mask so Dad will keep looking good even when napping on a plane! One of the best sellers is the Stow Emerald Green mini first class tech case. This clever gift is a travel wallet that holds a cellphone, passport, and a power bank with multi-cables. Everything on this site is a minimum of 15% off with the coupon offer from This author’s personal favorite is the Hemiplanet inflatable fortress. Best suited for the extremely adventurous Dad, it is an inflatable tent that sleeps up to 10 people and can withstand wind forces up to 100/km per hour. Dad can bring the whole family on this excellent adventure with this tent!

For the coolest Dad in the room, think Snoop Dog and Kid Rock, there is a truly one of a kind option! The is not for every Dad only the ones you find in the VIP room. If your Dad likes to “Bling like a King”, then the is for him! These products are guaranteed for life. Celebrities like Snoop, Wiz Khalifa and Trippie Reed have been seen wearing custom designs from Products selections include the Miami Cuban link choker in yellow gold or a diamond cut Cuban link bracelet. Also, available at an affordable price, you will find a Layered Look Bundle which includes, an 18” round cut tennis necklace, 20” round cut tennis necklace, 18” Diamond Cuban link bracelet, and an ANKH cross pendant to round out this cool look all for 25% off when using the coupon. They also sell 3D photo pendants, custom bubble necklaces, and script necklaces, all guaranteed for life!

And now for the fun-loving Dad! We are now channeling Dads like Adam Sandler and Bill Murray. Dads that are cool in their own way. offers gift ideas for the world’s loudest Dad or a Dad who is just a good sport that loves to have a good time. While he is out on the links enjoying his t-time, he will be the most popular player wearing gear from They have a huge selection of show stopper clothing and gear. Golf pants and shorts adorned with Pabst Blue Ribbon logos or Negro Modelo bottles, tacos, pink flamingos and more are among the most popular items. You have to see it to believe it on Once you find the right fit for your Dad, be sure to use the 10% discount code from And, keep in mind that they also provide corporate products which are great for branding in a fun way!

But in the end, no matter what kind of Dad you got, the best gift you can give him is more of you!! So, you can get him the Portal from Facebook. Whether you are across the street or across the world, the Portal is an affordable way to connect with loved ones. It is a new option that has advantages over its competitors. Portal from Facebook is a smarter video calling device. It allows users to move and talk freely because the camera follows the action. It has privacy protection and Facebook doesn’t record the contents of the calls. Portal from Facebook also has some cool functions that allow Dad to tell interactive stories to his grandkids. It’s a really smart device. has an offer to get discounts up to $150 off with free shipping.

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