A Survival Guide to Seamlessly Transition Into Fall

A Survival Guide to Seamlessly Transition Into Fall

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamSep 18, 20144 min read

As the rest of the country is starting to embrace the changing leaves, brisk evenings, and pumpkin spiced everything, we are still very much so stuck in summer here in Santa Monica, despite the Fall Equinox being next week. Since our surroundings don't really help us notice the passage of time, we have to make the conscious effort to define each season the best we can. So while Mother Nature holds onto the final days of the current season with a firm grasp, here are my tips on how you can embrace fall in every way, while staying on budget but also not completely letting go of summer. 

Whispers of Sweet Nothings

If you are anything like me, you have been avoiding stores like the plague because all of the new fashions are being displayed, tempting you to fly right through your budget. Southern California is notorious for its endless summers, but coming from the east coast, I still have a hard time not physically updating my closet with every season. If you are trying to be money conscious, this is definitely one habit you need to break immediately. But where is the fun in that you ask? Well just because you aren’t buying a completely new wardrobe doesn’t mean that you can’t shop at all. It is just about being smart. Buy layering items like scarves, cardigans, and tights so that you can seamlessly transition your summer wardrobe into fall and still kill it in the fashion department.

Sunkissed Memories

Whether you get your hair professionally highlighted or the summer sun bleached it for you, you are probably starting to look at your roots and feel the pressure of touching them up. Nothing says winter more than pale skin and dark hair, and who is ready for that? Definitely not me. Instead of shelling out $100 for lighter hair, accessorize appropriately. The quickest way to fix this issue is to simply hide the problem. Buy cute headbands and hats that will literally just cover up where your roots and highlighted hair meet. Stores like Forever 21 have headbands, hats, and bows galore this time of year, therefore allowing you to cheat your highlighting schedule a bit. If you don’t like accessorizing everyday, then switch up your hairstyles to make your roots less noticeable. Use braids and messy parts to your advantage! Then when you can’t take it anymore, go to your stylist and get that hair highlighted. In the end, if you can stretch out your salon trips by a few weeks every treatment, you will get more for your money! Just don’t go so long that your stylist has to do double the work to get your color to match. It is all a balance.

Fall Pastimes

Fall brings in a whole new set of activities that can be enjoyed. From apple and pumpkin picking, to Halloween parties, to football games, you probably won’t have a dull weekend at hand. If you want to get out of the house, but don’t want to shell out a ton of money, look for local events that you can participate in. For instance, instead of going to a professional football game, stop by your local high school and watch their game. Admission is minimal and typically is raised for the team itself or the school athletic department. The fall is a big fundraising time for schools and organizations, so you can definitely find a fun activity that everyone will enjoy.


Although the holidays may be far from your mind right now as the memories of summer are still fresh, it is actually the perfect time to start budgeting for whatever trips you are going to need to take. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then Christmas and News Years will quickly follow. Start looking at flights if you need to fly, so that you can get an idea of what it is going to cost. Typically the best time to buy your flights is 54 days in advance, but with holidays this rule doesn’t always apply. If you plan accordingly, you won’t be surprised by high costs, leaving you financially stressed when you are suppose to be buying presents and celebrating being back with family and friends.

How are you going to transition into fall this year, while also making sure you are being savings savvy?