The Victoria Beckham Collection at Target

The Victoria Beckham Collection at Target

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerApr 11, 20173 min read

Victoria Beckham's new collection  at Target dropped Sunday, and I've been drooling over what she's done. In the weird world of celebrities, sometimes their reputation catapults mediocre work into the public eye, and you're left wondering why they rested on their laurels. Yuck! Rest assured, though… this is NOT one of those collections at all.

Even without research and magazine-browsing and all the rest of it, I can tell you that Beckham's work was inspired by the 1960s. It's part pop-art and part go-go, and it's even plus-sized. Immediately when I started browsing the lookbook, I noticed that the models just looked... healthier. Beckham killed it with her model selection (and Target gets credit, too!). It made me immediately appreciate her more, because she's gotten her fair share of body snark over the years for being the opposite of plus-sized.

What's hot about Beckham's collection? Where to begin... it is unique and fresh, the price points are attractive, and there's something daring about the palette. We see more spring shades paired with bold designs, and they are no less sophisticated for it. Here are some pieces in the lookbook that caught my eye:

Bright-Yellow Appliquéd Shift:  I spied this on the pages of Vogue. Wow! It's epically simple, with big, arching appliqués across the front paired with a sunny, happy yellow color and white trim. It is, by far, my favorite piece.


Black-and-White Graphic Shift:  Black faux-leather flowers take this sweet shift to the next level. There's a little punchiness to the fact that the flowers are daringly crafted from a non-traditional fabric, and that shape begs for go-go boots.


Scalloped-Trim Dresses:  These dresses are fantastically creative, and we love them for it. There's an off-the-shoulder piece that sweeps across the body dramatically, and a great dress that incorporates scallops along the hemline in big swoops and turns.


Versatile Silhouettes: I loved that Beckham was not married to a specific silhouette like some designers are. She really shook things up, which I found impressive. She's a strong designer with a good eye, and I think there will be many more Target collaborations in the future.

And let's talk about prices: excellent. Shifts under $40 and dresses that can do 9-5 and then 5-whenever seamlessly for around $50? Be still my heart! And while Target's Cartwheel deals won't apply to a special collection like Beckham's, you can always shave off a few bucks if you use a Target REDcard. If you don't have one, get one: you can get one that debits from your bank account (and that doesn't make you jump through the same hoops that store credit cards do). And there's free in-store pickup at Target, too...

What are you waiting for?! I will race you there!


A random, but necessary, note to Target: please list dress lengths on the listings in inches. "At knee" means nothing when the model looks like she's wearing something smaller than an apron.