A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamMar 04, 20142 min read

Most days I walk into the office and a few minutes later I look up and its already 6pm. Where do the days go? Although there is never a dull moment here at promocodes.com, there are times when stepping away from my computer and socializing with co-workers is necessary. With all the spreadsheets, PowerPoint decks, and TPS reports (that was for all of you Office Space fans out there), sometimes its nice to take a break from the norm and talk about something non-work related, like beer.

Due the nature of our business, we work with over 10,000 retail merchants to provide you, our audience, with the best coupons and promo codes out there. One of our coupon categories is “entertainment” and we decided what better way to showcase our party supply merchants…than to host a party? So that’s what we did!

Last month we had a Super Bowl party here in our office. This month we decided that since we are located in the Greater Los Angeles area that it would be fitting for us to host a Red Carpet Oscar Party! Our Account Specialist who handles the entertainment vertical, Nora Ramatici, reached out to her client SHinDigz party supply and she hooked us up!

The excitement began when a bright pink box arrived at our office door. SHinDigz came through for us in a BIG way! Movie clapboards, black and gold table runners, paparazzi window decals, Red Carpet backdrops….it was a box full of fabulousness to say the least.

We could tell you that SHinDigz has party décor for every occasion at a great price, or we could show you. So the staff here at promocodes.com sacrificed a Friday afternoon to show you how it’s done. We turned off our computers, popped bottles of champagne and walked the red carpet like it was our job. We highly recommend letting loose at the office every once in a while, minus the wardrobe malfunctions of course!