Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Yoga Direct and Shape Tea Coupons

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Yoga Direct and Shape Tea Coupons

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJan 20, 20146 min read

With another summer Olympics approaching, the idea of “fitness” is all a buzz. Two Olympics ago, people watched records break and competition rise in Beijing, China on 08/08/08. The value of numbers in every culture plays an important auspicious and suspicious role on the individual mindset. Many cultures believe in different numbers holding certain power or luck to drive their active lifestyles.

While I do not take the value of numbers too seriously, the number “4” has been the cause of much of my silly OCD since I was a child, being born on 04/04 over 20 years ago. People like my grandfather value the numbers “18” and “36”, a “chai” or double “chai”, which in Jewish culture propels good luck and fortune. My mother finds “13” to be very lucky and promising. Others fear it. In China, “8” holds power, and there are eight different merchants ready to provide you with top fitness and wellness guides in inspiration of the upcoming Olympic Games. Being an athlete myself, I found there are eight products that coincidentally are prone to tips for athletic competence. The following merchants, all of which you can find great offers for on our coupon site, relate more to your physical and mental wellbeing than you may realize.

Treasure Your Body

Tread lightly in your body as if it were a sanctuary. Allow only good to enter inside. We tend to watch what we eat to reshape our healthy lifestyle, but what about the products we drink? One of the biggest struggles with weight loss is getting started. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, the results do not appear right away.

Eat Well

Eating Well magazine is a digital subscription to delicious recipes and weight-losing tips. This magazine subscription is not only at a low annual price of $9.99, but it also includes a free gift. What is beneficial about this particular magazine is that it combines your resolution to lose weight with practical ways on how to achieve that goal. By eating healthier, people can experience truth for the first time in much of their lives. It is a huge energy booster for ways to see the self more vitally, as well as better the respiratory system and hormonal balances to remain in that healthy state of mind and body.

Get Creative

A good diet is part of an active lifestyle, but routine eating could distract from positive results. A diet does not mean not eating, it means eating right. is a great six-issue annual subscription designed to help customers learn how to cook healthier while being happy about the food they get to eat. If you buy today, you could receive 60% off the original subscription price, making these helpful recipes available for less than the purchase of two fast food combo meals. Eating healthy does not have to be hard. The biggest constraint people find in eating right is that it is time-consuming, but those few extra minutes of preparing a meal in advance will have a huge impact on how you feel and what you see.

Find Your Balance

It is nerve-wracking to go to the gym. This is an experience many men and women face because they want to better their exercise routine but are embarrassed or surprised at how quickly they have let a few pounds turn into a much larger dietary beast. There is a solution, though, and that is by reconstructing yourself from the inside out so that you can be compelled by your intellectual clarity. allows you to gain the motivation you need to start training your physical body in the way you want. Part of working out is knowing that you’ll get results, and their great team provides you with personal information, support, and workout supplements to redefine the difficulties seen by many wanting to get back in shape. You can join for free and talk with other customers through live chat while tracking your personal progress. Redeem that long-lost success about who you really are and the worth you propel to the world by knowing you can and will achieve that healthier lifestyle.

Test Your Limits

Get back to the root of your activities. Fitness is a magazine subscription that focuses on providing motivating health tips and workout routines. For a low $9.99 annual subscription, customers receive 10 issues and two free digital gifts upon their original purchase to build their personal exercise routine. Advice from Fitness Magazine is meant to fit any schedule, which creates a foundation for courageous attitude in maintaining healthy and active lifestyle habits. They offer tips on physique, hair, and eating healthy to promote an increased awareness of the body.

Baby Steps

Practice makes perfect, and it takes a lot of it to get back into shape mentally and physically. Yoga Direct is one place to make those small, yet very important, healthy lifestyle changes. What yoga offers people is a way to calm the nerves, reduce stress (which often causes lack of sleep and weight gain) and help to limber joints and muscles to stay fit in the years to come. Yoga Direct offers discounts on yoga mats, fitness balls, blocks, hand and feet gripping, and even weighted training accessories. Joining their email list today provides customers with an extra 10% off for their next purchase, plus they will receive great advice and information on how to keep going once they start working out.

Have Some Fun

As children, we knew not what it was to “unwind” or hide from the outside. All we wanted was to experience nature and all of its wonders. Let’s get back to that pure enthusiasm! Huntington Surf and Sport provides quality apparel, gear, and more for enjoying those days in the sun. Surfing is a great way to connect with nature and yourself. Huntington Surf and Sport wants to provide that opportune experience for men, women, and children. Even if you don’t like the water, there are tons of individual and team sports out there to get active and find what works for you.

Broaden Your Horizons

Adventure away! Part of experiencing an active lifestyle is going out and exploring the world around you! With destinations and hotspots in nearly every country, Intrepid Travel makes it fun and affordable for people to stay active. You can venture the rugged terrain of the Grand Canyon to lounging by a relaxing beach in Sydney, but no matter where you go, you are sure to find some neat restaurant to try or activity to spur your imagination. Request a free brochure, call for expert advice, and save over 20% on worldwide trips where you can meet new people and experience all sorts of interesting cultures. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be hard to be active, and a healthy lifestyle is a full one.