Graduation Gift Guide: Spend Less & Give More

Graduation Gift Guide: Spend Less & Give More

Nicole Brown

Nicole BrownMay 17, 20183 min read

Many young adults are graduating from college and taking the first steps into their adults lives. Since this is a time of major transitions and changes, it can be challenging to find them the perfect gift. Relatives often struggle to find useful graduation gifts and instead give money, sentimental tokens, or simple necessities. But what if you could gift your graduate something that they will use again and again? Below you'll find useful gift ideas that recent grads will absolutely love.  

Social Diva

The Social Diva Strikes Again

Socializing is easy in college, where there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy oneself and meet new people. Undergraduates can often take advantage of club meetings, sports teams, study groups, extracurriculars, etc. However, things get more complicated after college. With jobs, internships, and the stress of professional life, it can be difficult and exhausting to meet new people. However, you can help ease the pressure for your young socialite by gifting games such as adult taboo. Party dishware is another great idea as it comes complete with everything one needs to host events - you can even purchase it with a fun theme such as Harry Potter


Help Keep the Fun Alive

Everyone is expecting graduates to grow up, land a job, and enter the real world. But who said having fun isn't something that adults can do in the real world? You can add some much-needed fun to your grads schedule by giving them an experience gift or excursion. This will encourage them to explore their surroundings, experience new things, and get out of their comfort zone. Another great idea is a gift card or unlimited passes to exciting local venues such as arcades, bowling alleys, movies, concerts, or other activities. 


"I'm Too Busy to Cook" 

So many young adults love to cook and try new recipes, but complain about an extremely busy schedule that limits their time in the kitchen. If your college grad has expressed a distaste for cooking or has griped about a hectic schedule, they are sure to appreciate receiving a subscription food service as a gift. With meals that are easily prepared and cooked in under 30 minutes, this is a low-pressure and fun gift for all recent graduates. 


The Foodie Fanatic

If your graduate loves to cook, loves to eat, or just has a passion for food, this awesome kitchenware is right up their alley. It's easy to find cool prints and graphics to add a sophisticated touch or a personalized flair to the kitchen. Throwing in a food subscription is also a great idea, but the focus can be on desserts or simple snacks instead of full meals. This will add to their love of food and encourage them to let their inner chief shine. 


Dial up the Decor 

If you have a creative grad, you can help create the swanky apartment of their dreams with a gift that will unleash their artistic side. Help feed this creativity with decorative ideas with premier art supplies so they can sketch out their visions and bring their work to life. Otherwise, donating awesome housewares such as coffee tables, lamps, canvases, furniture, and other decorative pieces will come in handy when they are ready to set up shop. 


Where is the Money?

The one thing that college graduates REALLY need is money. While gifting money can feel inpersonal, you can always gift a money service. The grad in your life is sure to appreciate you paying for investment help or investing in an account for them. If that isn't your style, you can always gift the graduate stock in a company or even offer to pay for their taxes in the upcoming year. 

While some of these ideas are atypical, they are sure to be highly appreciated because the gifts will take care of a particular need in one's life; and no gift is better than one that you need AND want!