8 Affordable, Organic Alternatives that you Need to Try ASAP

Aug 16, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

We all want the best for our family. Part of fulfilling the “quality of life” equation is providing healthy options for you and everyone around you (from makeup to food to housewares), and we know it’s enough to make your head spin. Here’s what we suggest when you’re looking for new ways to add a few more organic products to your life:

Home Supplies

1. For Home Supplies, turn too... The Honest Company

The Honest Company is chock-full of family-friendly alternatives for babies, children, and parents, and it simply does not disappoint. Looking at what it has to offer, The Honest Company has organic cleaning supplies, vitamins, personal care items, and beauty goodies. New users can even start out with bundles so they can sample all of the brand’s bestsellers in one go!


2. For a New Mattress, visit... Happsy

When skipping chemicals is your goal, Happsy is a must-try. The company offers plenty of opportunities to scrimp on only the stuff that hurts — chiefly, toxins typically found in comfy, alluring mattress-in-a-box options. Here you'll find organic alternatives for mattresses, toppers, pads, pillowcases, and sheets that are perfect for you and your kids. Happsy also has a warranty and delivers straight to your door, and it goes up to full size. Plus, there are free returns… so, what’s stopping you?

Beauty Supplies

3. For Beauty, go to... Burt's Bees

For a lot of us, it can be hard to source organic items in-person. It’s either more difficult to get to locations that have a lot of options, or it’s prohibitively expensive. But one way around that is to scoop up Burt’s Bees, a brand that used to be niche and can now be purchased at CVS and local grocery stores. The lipsticks should be your first stop; they get consistently stellar reviews.

clothing options

4. For The Basics, swing by... Pact

This brand offers both organic and Fair-Trade options crafted in super-soft fabrics. Touted as a brand that is “designed for humankind,” Pact features basics that fit a slew of different parameters for all sorts of people. Forget fitting into a certain “type” – Pact is for you, no matter who “you” are.

Baby supplies

5. For the Baby, visit... Target

Target is known as a hub for everything else, too, and it's also jam-packed with plenty of organic options for your baby. You can browse a wide variety of organic cloth diapers and creams galore from brands like Flip and Gerber. And, don't forget to use your Red Card at checkout for additional savings!

Pet supplies

6. For your Pet, check out... Newman's Own

Newman's Own is a brand that is near and dear to our hearts. After all, it gives 100% of its profit to charity (to the tune of millions). And the pet food is, thankfully, easy to source both online and in-person. Grab some of the nutritionally-balanced chow to tide your pups over at the grocery store and then stockpile by ordering online.

Car cleaning supplies

7. For your Car, go to... Amazon

Since car cleaning products can be hyper-specific, we say Amazon is your best bet for a wide variety of organic brands. Thanks to this online marketplace, you can find organic glass cleaner, car wash, and upholstery cleaner at competitive prices from organic brands like Green Earth and Nature's Green Magic (both are must-haves, by the way!).

Arts and crafts

8. For Fun, go to... Etsy

Like Amazon and Target, you’ll find a lot of organic home and body supplies… but that’s not all. With a handmade section that’s geared for anyone and everyone, you can outfit your life 100% organically and know that nobody will flaunt a similar look, brand, or style. If originality figures just as highly as earth-friendliness, head to Etsy.