7 Ways to Renovate and Decorate your New Apartment

7 Ways to Renovate and Decorate your New Apartment

Kelsey Ferrara

Kelsey FerraraMar 15, 20184 min read

Are those plain, white walls getting you down? Decorating a new apartment can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially when you realize how expensive furniture and décor can be. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are simple tips and tricks that will make decorating your apartment a breeze, not to mention it’ll save you quite a bit of cash. Here are 7 ways to save when decorating your new apartment.

1.Find a Style!

Before you begin your new apartment adventure, you need to find a style that you love and stick with it! By sticking to a consistent theme, your small apartment will maintain a sense of order and cohesion. I know it may be tempting to grab whatever looks good on the shelf, but you’ll soon find that your apartment looks like a patchwork quilt that has no rhyme or reason! This will also help you cut down on buying unnecessary items that feel out of place in your home. With Houzz you can create the look you want while shopping for products that fit your style goal with idea books you create online!

nuLOOM Winter Abstract Area Rug, Blue, 5'x8'

2. Rugs! Rugs! Rugs!

Area rugs are a great (and affordable) way to define areas within a small space. They can also add a well-needed pop of color to neutral areas. If you have a gray room that feels drab, you can add a vibrant rug to make the entire room feel more dynamic and inviting. This concept is reflected in the picture above, which showcases a colorful blue rug within a space that is dominated by gray and neutral tones. In addition to emphasizing the feel of a certain room, rugs will also define and separate different areas, which is perfect for a small apartment!

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Pendant Light With Handblown Seeded Glass, Light Blue

3. Find New Fixtures

If you’re looking to bring extra flair to a room, try looking into different lighting fixtures. While this might sound intimidating, this process can completely transform a room. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a small living room or bathroom that needs a slight renovation or update to match the rest of the home. For example, if your living room needs a modern twist try adding the Pendant Lights that are pictured above! Hanging lights are a great alternative as they are easy to install and are an inexpensive alternative to other lamps and light fixtures.

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Santorini Round Wall Mirror4. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

Instead of investing in a full-length mirror, try buying a smaller hanging mirror that will double as a piece of wall decor. This will take up valuable real estate on your wall and cut down on the blank, undecorated look that is all too common within apartments. Mirrors are often not thought of as potential décor, but there is a surplus of mirrors with interesting frames, colors, styles, and accents – so you’re sure to find something that goes with your theme. Not to mention, this will keep you from spending money on expensive wall décor, paintings, and full body mirrors.

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Prepac Black Sonoma King Bookcase Platform Storage Bed

5. Multi-tasking Furniture

One of the biggest struggles of apartment living is going to be the lack-of-space, meaning there will be minimal room for furniture. That means the furniture that you do manage to squeeze into your room should be the most versatile and functional! I highly recommend looking into bedframes that contain drawers and shelf space. This will save you space and money since you won’t have to buy a dresser to store clothes or a nightstand for your knick-knacks!

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Boho Stripe Throw Turquoise and Tangerine

6. Hello Pillows and Throws!

Other important highlights are pillows and throws which can be used to cover drab furniture or add a pop of vibrant color. These little accents can bring an entire room together, so it’s important not to overlook them! Pillows and throws will add a certain attitude and flair that can’t be found elsewhere. It can also go a long way when cementing the style and theme of your home. For example, the boho quilt above unifies the other elements within the space. Without it, the room itself would be slightly bland and monotone.

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"Calm Waves" Hand Painted Canvas Art, 60"x20"7. Less is More when it Comes to Décor

It’s tempting to fill up those white, dead walls with lovely pieces of art – but slow down. It’s important not to go overboard with paintings and artwork and understand that a few well-placed decorations will go a long way. Instead of spending your paycheck on a single painting, look into sets of multi-piece art that will take up more wall space while also staying true to your theme. For example, this 3-piece painting of blue ocean waves brings a sense of unity to this room while also highlighting its cool, calming tone.

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