7 Ways to Spoil Your Mutt for National Mutt Day

Jul 26, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

There are lots of benefits to adopting a mutt. For one thing, mixed breeds tend to be unique and full of personality. They also have fewer genetic health problems and are more affordable to purchase. If you’re the proud owner of a mutt, then you know there are lots of other benefits, too. Did you know that National Mutt Day is July 31st this year? How will you be celebrating with your favorite four-legged friend? Try some of these ways to spoil your mutt:

dog treats

1. Serve the Best Treats

How do you celebrate a special holiday with friends? Food! So, why not celebrate National Mutt Day with some of your mutt’s favorite treats. Pick up some favorite ones from the store or whip up a recipe for homemade treats.

dog bath

2. Schedule a Grooming Session

You may hate the dentist, but don’t you love the way your teeth feel after a good cleaning? Maybe your dog won’t feel spoiled by a bath or when getting nails clipped, but your dog will love the way it feels after the groomingexperience.

As an added bonus, cleaning your dog’s teeth can positively impact your dog’s health. Poor dental care has been linked to bone infections, sinusitis, heart failure, blood infections, and more. Therefore, even if your dog groans all the way to the groomer, remember that you’re doing your part to keep your dog healthy and looking its best.

dog playing

3. Plan a Fun Outing

Think of a place that your dog would enjoy visiting. Does your dog have a favorite dog park? Are there any beaches or lakes nearby for your pooch to splash around in? Maybe your dog would just enjoy a mini road trip. Mix things up with a fun outing to show your mutt a good time.

dog walk

4. Go for a Walk

If you’re not home during the day, you could hire a dog walker to take your mutt out during the day. Or, find time to take your mutt out on a new route. You could even let your dog lead the way. To make the walk extra special, purchase a new fashionable collar and leash to match your mutt’s unique look and personality.

dog with toy

5. Provide New Toys

You can also spoil your four-legged member of the family with some new toys. Stick to the oldies but goodies, such as balls and frisbees. Or, you can find chew toys, treat balls, knotted ropes, and other toys that will entertain your pup.

sleeping pet

6. Update Your Mutt’s Bed

A great way to spoil your mutt is through a good rest on a comfortable bed. If your mutt could use an updated bed, there are lots of great options available. From fluffy pillows to cozy loungers and warm blankets, choose one that your dog will enjoy for a Mutt Day nap.

dog owner and pet

7. Spend Time Together

Of course, all your mutt really wants is some one-on-one time with you. It doesn’t matter what you do. You could cuddle on the couch, explore a nearby trail, or play fetch at the park. Just schedule plenty of time to show how much you love your mutt. How will you be spending National Mutt Day this year? Tell us about it in the comments below. And, check out the deals at and Petmate to spoil your pup with more than just kisses and love this year.