7 Tips To Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into New Year’s Realities

7 Tips To Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into New Year’s Realities

Katherine Stano

Katherine StanoJan 09, 20184 min read

New Year’s Resolutions. Just the sound of them can either inspire and invigorate us, or induce a dark dread of pending doom. Our resolutions, those wants, and needs that captivate our hearts, are powerful ideas that can make a big difference in how we shape our year. While they’re perfectly fun to make, they’re also incredibly hard to keep as the weeks fly by. With the distractions, challenges, and ever-growing responsibilities we all face, how does anyone keep their promises to themselves?

We understand the resolution conundrum and have a few reminders for succeeding in those new plans and pushing the reset button on established goals.

1. Start Small

After you’ve made your resolution list, instead of screaming, “My word, what have I done?!” pinpoint your easiest goal to accomplish. This should be something that’s a short-term endeavor or a new habit you’d like to add to your routine. Think, no-frivolous-purchases-for-a-week or drink-water-for-lunch-you-caffeine-addict! When you’ve accomplished these smaller tasks, first, beam with pride. Secondly, put a huge check mark on that list! Building your goal-achieving confidence is essential in tackling those larger, long-term dreams.

2. Focus On What Matters Most

Now that you’re 100% sure how awesome you are, make a plan for that ultimate resolution. Hoping to save for a European Escapade? Dedicated to getting out of debt? Finally serious about writing that bestseller? You can do it! Your two biggest assets are perseverance and hard work. Invest the time and effort and you’ll be amazed at your progress. Keeping momentum won’t always be a piece of cake, but the more you chip away at your goal, the easier it is to stick with it.

3. Make An Inspiration Board

So you’ve created a neat little resolution list, but somehow those wonderful wishes are failing to motivate you. Don’t get us wrong. Those of us who are writers love words—and lots of them! But sometimes we need that visual component to keep us on track. That’s why posting an inspiration board where you can see it every day is a magical thing. Say you want to lose a bit more poundage. Display an adorbs photo of yourself at your ideal weight. If you loathe every pic you’ve taken since sixth grade, post a few images of people you admire.

If your home needs a major decluttering intervention, pin up a pic of a pretty house that’s your style and comfort level. You can even borrow some of their decorating ideas!

One extra tip: if any pictures start to get you down or make you feel guilty, remove them! You don’t need to feel bad for dreaming. There are many other ways to stay in the game.

4. Put It On Your Calendar

Just like an oil change or appointment with the plumber, scheduling time to work on your resolutions is a savvy way to get stuff done. Add it to your calendar during a reasonable time, and don’t break your commitment! Standing someone up is pretty rotten, so for goodness’ sake, don’t do it to yourself! Make a date with gorgeous, impressive you because you’re totally worth it.

5. Cut Back On TV, Wine, And Social Media

Okay, okay. You can have a little Netflix, even a glass of rosé here and there, and Instagram? Well, technically it’s allowed. BUT don’t go overboard. It’s not difficult to whirl in the downward spiral of jolly old mindless entertainment. But you’re better than that. You are! So back to work! Stranger Things can wait.

6. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

So you’ve just re-watched every episode of Downtown Abbey, downed a considerable amount of drink, and studied each one of Meghan Markle’s wardrobe choices, including doing an internet search of where-to-buy. We won’t say we-told-you-so (see above) or what-were-you-thinking or tsk-TSK! That would just be rude. What we will say is, “Hey, you’re human. Don’t sweat it. Invite us over next time!” Try not to beat yourself up. Just keep pep-talking the heck out of how you’re going to do great.

7. Carpe DO ‘Em!

“Do” will always be the keyword when striving for your goals. If you can’t possibly work on your resolutions every single day, commit to doing as much as you can each week. And enjoy the process. Life’s just too short and complex to gripe the whole way through. Feel proud with each triumph, and laugh at your snafus. And if nothing else works, steal a hug from someone who loves you. Family, friends, and fur babies are really good at encouragement, too.

We still can’t believe it’s 2018, but we can believe you have some amazing resolutions that are already adding some major sparkle to your new year.