7 Tips for Instant Pot Owners

7 Tips for Instant Pot Owners

Jennifer Carno

Jennifer CarnoJan 31, 20183 min read

Did you recently receive an Instant Pot as a gift? Or, did you hear so much about the Instant Pot that you bought one for yourself? Either way, the time is now to own an Instant Pot! They are selling out everywhere for a good reason – they make delicious meals fast, easy, and cheap. The Instant Pot’s increased popularity has cooks making everything from mac & cheese and Vietnamese pho to Indian Butter chicken! The Instant Pot has taken pressure cooking to a newly accessible level. Here are our 7 tips for Instant Pot owners:

1. Join the Facebook Group

The Facebook group called Instant Pot Community is a must. Join it now before you do anything else with your Instant Pot. All you need to know is in this Facebook group. They have over a million helpful members sharing recipes and asking questions. After you join, be sure to use the search bar to look up questions or recipes. Since the group is so large, many have already posted the same questions you have.

2. Put the Silver Pot in the Instant Pot 

Make sure the silver pot is inside the Instant Pot before you pour any water in it. This is a common accident that happens and can destroy your Instant Pot. All of the electronics and heating components are in the area where you place the pot, so don’t pour in your water unless the silver pot is inside.

3. Buy an Extra Sealing Ring

The sealing ring is the clear plastic ring inside the lid. If you want to make both cheesecakes and curries, get extra sealing rings. They can be easily removed and re-inserted. Even when washed, the sealing ring will absorb strong flavors over time. If you don’t want your cheesecake or pumpkin bread to taste like cumin, definitely buy another sealing ring reserved exclusively for sweet treats. Buy a genuine Instant Pot 2-pack on Amazon.

4. Use a Trivet

The newer Instant Pots come with trivets AKA steam racks, but if you do not have one, you can purchase a silicone one on Amazon for less than $10. This genuine Instant Pot product works well with cheesecakes because it has handles that allow you to lower and remove your cheesecake without having to create an aluminum foil sling. Trivets are also great for making potatoes, chicken wings, and more! If you already have a trivet, look at the Facebook group for recipes using one.

5. Spring for a Springform Pan

The springform pan allows you to make cheesecake, lasagna, taco pie, and even meatloaf very easily in the Instant Pot. A 7 inch one will fit into 6 and 8-gallon Instant Pots. You will place this on top of the trivet when making any recipe. The springform pan gives you an excellent excuse to bring out your trivet!

6. Get Parchment Circles

Parchment circles are your best friend if you’re making cheesecakes. You will place them in the bottom of your cheesecake pan to keep your crust from sticking. Buying actual parchment circles is a great option to save you time, energy, and materials. When you cut up a roll of parchment paper you may end up wasting a lot of paper.

7. Pick Trusted Recipes

Not all Instant Pot recipes are created equally! Find and follow trusted sources. Comments and reviews on recipes is a helpful way to gauge success. This Old Gal has excellent recipes with clear instructions and colorful photos of her actual cooking and baking. A good rule of thumb is that if the recipe only has stock photos and none of the food cooked using said recipe, then move on to a different version.

Interested in buying an Instant Pot? You can find them online and in-stores at places like Target and Amazon so you can put these tips to good use!