6 Ways to Buy Affordable Christmas Trees

Dec 17, 2013Reading Time: 3 min

When it comes to holiday trees, everyone has a preference. I travel quite a bit for work and my actual Christmas will be spent at my parents’ house. As such, I personally go for decorating with artificial table top trees in various styles. This year I found some festive and cute options at Target.

But some choices may cost you more than others. Here are six ways to buy affordable Christmas trees.

1. Consider species: There are more than 30 types of Christmas trees, so there is flexibility on cost based on the type of species you select. By selecting one that’s native to your area, you can increase the chances of the tree thriving for a longer period of time; and because the local trees haven’t been shipped from faraway places, they are typically cheaper too.  

2. Alter reality: An artificial tree is something you can pull out year after year, so even with a potentially larger investment upfront, the tree will pay off after just a few years. Balsam Hill has great options, and is consistently voted by consumers as having the most realistic-looking trees. The founder was inspired by a family member who was allergic to live trees, but still wanted the look and feel of a real tree.

affordable christmas trees  

3. Thrift it out: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Check your local thrift shop for artificial trees that someone else decided to donate. This tip also works well if you plan in advance for next year. Once the holidays are over, many people may opt to donate their artificial trees rather than take the time to store them.

4. Haggle: Whether tree lot operators cut the trees themselves or purchased their wares wholesale, the profit margins are significant enough that many are willing to negotiate. Do your research online before you go so you know the general going rate of the species and size of tree you are looking for; then make an opening offer that’s lower than the sticker price on the lot.

5. Put your tree in the corner: If you find a tree on the lot that’s less than perfect all the way around, there may be even more room for negotiation. Not only do you have the possibility of saving some extra money on the purchase, but you can also save on your ornament costs—you only have to decorate half the tree!  

5. Get a potted tree: If you have some room in your backyard or on your patio to store it after the holidays, getting a potted tree may be the right option for you. Potted trees are great for tabletops and small rooms, but it’s also something that you can reuse year after year, allowing you to not only enjoy the holiday spirit, but also save some serious cash. Check out Home Depot to find one that’s right for your home.