The 6 Tools You Need for DIY Home Projects to Save Money on Contractors

The 6 Tools You Need for DIY Home Projects to Save Money on Contractors

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersMay 14, 20184 min read

Those home projects aren’t going to complete themselves but overpaying a contractor to fix up the bathroom or renovate your kitchen is out of the question. For those that want to take on the projects yourself and save some dough, you are going to need the right tools to get the job done. Don’t walk into a local hardware store and find yourself picking out one of everything, (put the leaf blower down, you don’t need I) instead get the basics and start off with these 6 tools you need for your home project.


1. Standard toolkit

If you don’t have a standard toolkit already, this is a must. With all your home fix-it essentials this is the best place to start on your tool shed collection. Equipped with a hammer, a variety of screwdrivers and bits, measuring tape, level and more this should be the first on your list of things to buy. Start practicing on smaller home projects like tightening those screws on that wobbly door, finally fix that leaky kitchen faucet and hang the shelves and pictures that have been waiting for you.


2. Sander

If you want to kick your home projects up a notch a sander is a great place to start. Not only can you refinish old furniture and add your own touch with new paint, varnish or stain but you can add the details of distressing furniture to give it that special look. Remove rust, strip that old paint off and even fix an uneven door so it closes properly. A sander is a great power tool to add to your collection and start off small.


3. Nail gun

This is not for the faint of heart but a necessity for a variety of home projects. It can handle those hefty outdoor projects like fencing or building decks if you are looking for major changes and additions to your home. Nail guns take the heavy load on many projects to get them done quickly and efficiently so they are worth the investment.

They are also the ultimate project finisher tool. The nail gun can be used to add crown molding and baseboards to a room to give it that elegant touch adding value to your home. If you are really looking for a home craft projects combine your sander and nail gun skills and try putting together furniture and creating great home décor pieces from scrapes. That wood pallet project on Pinterest you have saved? This is the time to give it a try!


4. Drill

Instead of banging away at a hammer to hang something up or, unfortunately, doing it incorrectly, get a good drill for those in-home projects. Drill pilot holes and anchor in big-ticket items like that flat screen so you can be confident in your work. When purchasing a drill, you can look for ones that come with a variety of bits or “tips” so you can find the perfect fit for those screws and replace those manual screwdriver techniques for something easier and more efficient. Perfect for building and installation a drill is a must when you begin your home DIY project journey.


5. Sawzall

This is when you get into the big leagues. Sawzall’s are perfect for hefty projects involving demo (demolition.) If you are making some major changes and need a tool for full renovation and demolition this is the one for you. It can cut through just about anything, but we would recommend doing your homework and not only getting a quality saw but also practicing safety and patience when adding a Sawzall to the mix.


6. Ladder

From hanging holiday decorations to cleaning the gutters a ladder is a must. Don’t put yourself in danger by scaling your home or standing on chairs, just get the ladder. A ladder can be used for indoor projects for hard to reach areas or outdoor use to get the kids frisbee off the roof. As one of the most versatile items in your tool shed a ladder is a must and we guarantee you will use it for a variety of needs.