6 Things You Should Know About Wedding Invitations

6 Things You Should Know About Wedding Invitations

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersMar 20, 20184 min read

Congratulations! You are getting married. It is an exciting time for you and your betrothed and it means you finally get to put that Pinterest board to good use! As you start ticking off the “to-do’s” on your checklist you get to the one that makes all this so surreal, wedding invitations.

The wedding invite can be one of the most important, yet underrated, elements of the entire wedding. It is easy to make them a second thought, which makes it even easier to make that one little mistake you might carry with you until your 50th wedding anniversary. Lucky for you Promocodes.com and Vistaprint’s Wedding collection have you covered with the 6 things you should know about wedding invitations. From the obvious to the oh-so-subtle, to make sure you get the look you want at the price you need.

1. Order them online!

This will save you time and money which are both very precious commodities when it comes to planning a wedding. And while this may seem a tad obvious in today’s world, many brides still take the time to browse local, and expensive, stationary stores for a one-of-a-kind invitation that screams class and elegance.

A major concern here is getting something that other people have ordered thus making it a run of the mill invite that you aren’t happy with. Not only does the HUGE online selection make that nearly impossible, but the personalization options on Vistaprint make a custom product easy and affordable. You can even have someone design it for you so it is truly a unique piece of wedding stationery.

2. Don’t feel like you must include every bell and whistle (rsvp cards, music requests, menus etc.)

You have plenty of options when ordering and it is going to seem overwhelming. From Save the Dates to RSVPs, place cards and menus, when ordering online you can get a lot of stationery options that match your invite design but that doesn’t mean you need them all. Channel the vibe of your wedding, do you really need printed menus? Are you having a small intimate wedding where RSVPs are already counted?

Just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to order it. Choose the things that are must haves (i.e. the invitation themselves) and then decide what elements make lovely additions and what you can forgo. Not everyone needs to be able to request a song at your reception (sorry Aunt Phyllis.)

3. They can set the tone for the entire wedding

This, traditionally, is the first thing a guest will receive as it pertains to your actual wedding, so it can set the tone for the entire event. Find something that displays your vision with the invitation. What we mean here is, a beach themed invite doesn’t match the black-tie event you are planning.

When browsing the selection, find something that speaks to you and screams “Secret Wedding Pinterest Board” and go with it. If all else fails you can design your own invitation that suits the wedding vibe you are going for. 

4. Simple and informative is key

There are plenty of invites out there that have a lot going on, but if you keep the text simple and informative for your guests all will be groovy. The worst thing that can happen is sending out intricate and ornate invites that no one can understand. At the end of the day, you want people to show up right? So keep the integrity of the invitation intact so your guests have the information they need.

5. Can you read it? Good

This leads us to our next point. Is it legible? The worst thing that can happen with the elegant script you chose is that people can’t read it. It may look pretty but at the end of the day, some of your guests may have trouble making out the time and date because the cursive squigglies are getting in the way.

Get samples and communicate with your invitation service to make tweaks. You will get pdf drafts and be able to make changes until you finally hit order to ensure you can read it online and they will be able to read it in person.

6. DIY…to a point

Adding a DIY element to your wedding and the invites can be a great way to cut costs and keep it personal. But this should only be used to a point. Let the experts do what they do best to design and create an invite you will love and let them do the heavy lifting. Addressing 215 invitations by hand is not a good idea.

DIY with minor tweaks on existing designs, maybe add your own tough and flair with an insert along with the invitation but let Vistaprint do the work and print addresses, labels and include the other elements around the invitation to take the pressure off.

Finally ready to start browsing some invites? Shop Vistaprint and see their wide selection to get the wedding ball rolling and get 25% off Invites and Announcements when you use code PCINVITE25. Check out the latest savings on wedding stationery with Vistaprint discounts so you can put it towards your honeymoon with your new hubby!