6 Things You Should Look For in a Bargain Hotel

6 Things You Should Look For in a Bargain Hotel

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersAug 31, 20184 min read

Traveling on a budget doesn’t have to mean dingy dirty motels is sketchy locations. We all know finding a hotel room in your price range is a challenge but it is not impossible. When searching online it is always good to know what you are looking for, rather than wandering aimlessly on the internet for hotels without reviews, information or amenities.

Promocodes.com investigated to bring you the best tips on your budget travel. We stayed with Motel 6 to crack the code on what you should look for on your booking to save money.

Here are the 6 things you should look for in a bargain hotel when traveling on a tight budget.

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1. Location! Location! Location!

Just because it is a bargain in the vicinity you are traveling to, doesn’t mean it is a good deal. The hotels and motels in the same zip code don’t always mean they are in the greatest of locations for your travel and vacation needs. Find the best deal in the best area closest to the attractions and parts of the city you want to visit, not the cheapest hotel you can find in LA.

The Motel 6 in NoHo in Los Angeles was a great location to enjoy all Hollywood had to offer. Adjacent to Hollywood Blvd. and only a block away from places like The Walk of Fame it is an easy choice when traveling on a budget to Los Angeles. Easy day trips to the LA Zoo, the Hollywood sign, and Griffith Observatory are all possible at this location and with Motel 6 locations nationwide you can find one that fits your budget in the best area for vacation.

2. Clean Rooms

All too often, cheap rooms means dirty rooms. The stereotypical “side of the road” motel that seemed like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks is a thing of the past. You can find affordable room rates for clean, quality rooms almost anywhere. Motel 6 even went through renovations to upgrade their rooms to be clean, inviting and oh so chic.

Look at reviews online, pictures of rooms on the company site and if it is a household name you trust or some off-brand motel you can’t find any information on. This can tell you a lot about what to expect with your room experience.

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3. In-Room Perks

A mini fridge may not seem like a big deal, but when you are traveling on a budget it can be a make or break. Motel 6 has perks like an in room mini fridge which is a great way to store extra snacks and food so you can save money not buying food and snack while out and about for your travels.

This small perk can be a huge money saver in the long run, so even if you are paying a little extra for the prime location and renovated room with Motel 6 think of the money you will save on all those extra costs for snacks and drinks while out and about.

4. Attendants and Customer Service

The employees can say a lot about the place you are staying. Our pro tip: call the location you are looking to book and ask some questions. Connect with the front desk attendant and get a vibe from customer service, it can say a lot about how your stay will go. Are they positive? Helpful? Inviting? Ask questions about what to do in the area and food nearby.

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5. Extras

Even though you aren’t paying much for the room, check to see if your hotel gives you the little extras that make any vacation or trip special. At Motel 6 towels folded into origami animals was a nice little perk. Even staying at a bargain hotel, you can feel like you are on a special trip. The extras are what counts when you are traveling on a budget so find places that offer those little benefits and perks.

Swan towels on the bed and a dog towel in the bathroom are the extras we are talking about. Even for a low price, you get service to make you feel like a special guest.

6. Price

Of course, check the price! See what you are getting for the cost of the stay and make sure to go over this checklist to see the added perks and benefits like superb customer service, mini fridge, location and of course origami towels. Some bargain hotels will have more for less like Motel 6 which offers some of the lowest prices than any hotel chain in the nation. And with numerous locations and newly renovated rooms, it passes the Promocodes.com list.