6 Personal Finance Apps to Download Immediately

6 Personal Finance Apps to Download Immediately

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJun 30, 20142 min read

Do not think twice before spending – that old adage does not apply to our smart phone generation anymore. Instead, check your phone twice before spending. Nowadays people can find a number of apps that help them keep track of their finance and learn about the latest shopping deals. Be smart and let your phone help you manage your money wisely. Check out this list of personal finance apps that can boost your budget.

Personal Finance Apps


If you plan on hiring a financial planner, consider using free apps first. LearnVest is a personal financial app that is available for computers, iPads, and iPhones. What distinguishes this app from others is that users can talk to a financial expert for free for fifteen minutes upon registration. Moreover, LearnVest allows you to set up personal saving goals – retirement, trip plans, real estate, you name it – by keeping track of your monthly budget. The app devises charts regarding the state of your finances in specific months and your savings’ progress. In addition, simple functions such as tracking daily spending and viewing past transactions are also available. In color coordinated files, you can customize your budget and accounts that make them easier to view.

Mint Coupons

Do you often exceed your budget and realize it later when the bill comes in? Download Mint, a personal budgeting app that keeps track of your money flows, set up personal goals, and gives you alerts every time you over-spend. Aside from keeping your spending habits under control, Mint also provides advice on how you can save with your current budget. With its colorful, easy-to-understand pie charts, you can clearly evaluate where most of your monthly money goes. You can also customize this app by setting up your own finance categories.

Promocodes.com Coupon App

We spend so much of our daily lives in transience. That is why mobile shopping has become a popular activity. In 2012, people made $25 billion in purchases from their mobile devices, an 81 percent increase from the year before. Since the mobile revolution is a reality – it’s expected that mobile shoppers will spend $87 billion in 2016 – shoppers need an easy way to use coupons while they shop. Enter the promocodes.com Coupon App, a free tool that gives you access to more than 5,000 stores. It’s simple to install and within minutes you will be tapping your way into savings.