5 Ways to Look Like a Style Icon

5 Ways to Look Like a Style Icon

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerJan 08, 20182 min read

Style icons are icons for a reason. They present their personality through fashion and pave the way for timeless trends that live on through the ages. They are the risk takers and tastemakers in the world of fashion and become beacons that guide our closets and our wallets. Embrace your inner style icon with these looks from Ray Ban.

The Jackie

Jackie O.’s glasses were the stuff of legend... super round, bold, and iconic. If you're looking for a pair that looks elegant and bold reach for a pair like Jackie’s. Look for a pair of sunnies in uber-round shapes, squared-off pairs, and blacked-out ones perfect for hiding from the paparazzi. Here are some of our suggestions:


Round metal folding Ray Bans

Round Metal Folding

Folding glasses are a crucial addition to any woman’s purse.


Round Double Ridge Ray Bans

Round Double Bridge

A new take on the Jackie O.

The Marilyn

Marilyn's sunnies weren't the same super-bold, rounded ones that Jackie O. rocked but instead were an angular and cat-eye style. She showed off a unique style all her own that exemplified the Marilyn personality we have come to know and love. We think the New Wayfarer Color Mix is a good pick for the one wanted to stand out with a bit of flair.


Ray Ban Gradient lens Color

The Chastain

Jessica Chastain’s angular face suits glasses with a harder edge: squared-off sunnies and cat’s eye frames are two wonderful options. For a celebrity look, try these styles from Ray Ban:

ericka classic ray bans

Erika Classic

Everyone needs a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses, which picks up highlights and lowlights in the hair and looks great with any complexion.

 wayfarer ease ray bans

Wayfarer Ease

Thick, black, and bold, these aren’t for the faint-of-heart.

The Dakota

Dakota Johnson of Fifty Shades of Grey fame didn't just wear sunglasses that look like Ray Bans, they *are* Ray Bans. The actress favors squared-off, chunky sunglasses with a heavy lens in addition to fun, perfectly round pairs. With that face-skimming fringe, any of her choices work beautifully. Go for the Wayfarer Classic.


ray ban wayfarer classic

The Watson

Emma Watson is a class act. She's the perfect girl-next-door, and it comes as no surprise that she wears original Ray Bans. Whether you're just as classic or you like to play at it, these sunglasses are perfect for you. Try a pair like the following:

Customizable Sunnies, Pick your lens color, your material, and more on the site.


Ray Ban Wayfarer folding

Folding Classic

Because it doesn’t matter who you are, we could all use a little extra room in our purses and messenger bags.