5 Ways To Establish A Creative Office Space For The Workplace

5 Ways To Establish A Creative Office Space For The Workplace

Chichi Ogwe

Chichi OgweJul 25, 20173 min read

In some industries - such as marketing, advertising, public relations and digital media - office spaces are often naturally vibrant places for workers, and this type of workplace fosters and nurtures creative spirits as well as helping them to thrive.

A creative office space is more likely to be a happier and better workplace. However, if your office is corporate and/or lacking in a sense of creativity, then here are some of the ways to improve that. Here are five ways to establish a creative office space for the workplace.

1. Redesign: repaint, revamp and redecorate

If an office looks dull, boring, bland and lifeless, then chances are workers are likely to feel less motivated. Creating a space with clean, crisp lines will help you to make the most out of your space, and it will definitely allow for bursts of energy and give the creative souls of the workplace that special spark. Redesign the layout of the office: create an office environment that is comfortable and flexible. Repaint the walls of the office with a lighter and brighter colour scheme, dispose of old furniture and antiquated flooring and replace with new ones and redecorate with snazzy and quirky items to add a touch of life and personality.

2. Invest in minimalist furniture

Leading on from the previous point, get rid of old furniture and replace with something new in order to give a fresh look to the office. Even if your office is bold and colourful, a few minimalist pieces will definitely add a bit of a definitive edge to the workplace. For example, the Echo Collection by Kathy Ireland is great because the desks and storage compartments and white, high-quality and minimalist with a modern aesthetic, making the furniture pieces perfect for the office. Plus, shipping is free and there is a free lifetime warranty on all orders, so your items for the office are completely protected.

3. Provide communal areas

Providing communal areas in the office (i.e. a shared kitchen, a shared sitting area) will allow workers to connect and interact with each other, even while completing basic and mundane tasks such as making tea and coffee. Well-designed communal areas can make workers feel motivated, inspired, revitalised and refreshed.

4. Implement creative sessions

Scheduling creative sessions within work timetables can allow all workers to come together to collaborate and come up with ideas on various tasks, projects and business goals, as well as inspiring creativity and establishing a lively atmosphere within the workplace.

5. Encourage fun activities outside of working hours

Life doesn’t have all work and no play: there are moments for fun and games too - outside the workplace. Organising fun activities at the place of work outside of working hours allows employees to interact with each other, and these activities encourage character building and team building. Best of all, fun activities at the workplace encourages people to express their creative sides.

By taking note of these simple tips, you are guaranteed to establish a creative office space for the workplace.

What are your simple tips for establishing a creative office space?