5 Useful Tips for Saving Gas and Money

5 Useful Tips for Saving Gas and Money

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamMar 17, 20143 min read

Gas prices are inflating again and no one is happy about it. It is frustrating when you have to pay more than $4.00 per gallon at a station. It is also frustrating when you have no idea when the prices will lower. promocodes.com is here to help you out during this time of inflation. We have five helpful tips that could help you save gas and money when you fill up next.

Learn where to find the cheapest gas: This can be very beneficial when buying your gas. It is best to search for gas stations in remote suburbs. These stations will more likely be cheaper in prices, allowing them to be affordable for you. There are a few gas stations that you should try and avoid during this inflation. Try and avoid stations located near, or next to, a freeway. These stations know you’re low on gas, so they are more likely to bump up their prices. Prosperous areas should be avoided as well when searching for low prices, as these areas are less sensitive to lowering their prices and will bump up their prices due to their land status. Also, knowing the prices of competing gas stations will aid you in buying cheaper gas.

Be gentle on your gas and brake pedals when driving: Instead of putting the pedal to the metal and screeching to a dead stop, try easing into your stop and go’s. Quick starts can deplete fuel quicker than easing out of a stopped position. Also, sudden stops and quick accelerations can be harmful to a car’s fuel economy. Practicing this technique can help you manage fuel usage more efficiently and lower the amount of visits to the pump. This technique will come in handy to owners of V8 engines.

Make sure you’re driving the speed limit: There’s no doubt that driving the speed limit is safer than speeding, but it’s safer on your wallet as well. When you drive fast, your car will burn through its fuel source faster than it normally would. If you drive slower, your car will be able to conserve its fuel effectively. This can significantly lower the amount of visits to the gas station. There is no need to rush to your destination. Take your time, drive the speed limit, and preserve your gas in the process.

Make sure you pack light: If you have any extra weight in your car, clean it out! Added weight means a heavier car, and a heavier car uses more fuel. Make sure your trunk is cleaned out and items are taken inside after you’re done driving. If you transport items using a roof rack, make sure you remove the rack after you’re done with it. Roof racks can cause drag in aerodynamics and can ultimately affect fuel economy.

Keep up-to-date on car maintenance: It is extremely important that your car is fine tuned. This will allow your car to achieve maximum fuel economy. You need to make sure that your oil levels are fine, filters are clean, tire pressure is stable, and the engine is running without any problems. If your car flashes any warning lights, do not ignore them! These warnings lights are a means of letting you know that something is wrong. If you receive any warning lights, have your car checked to prevent any damage from occurring. Constant care of your car will prevent any damage to your car’s fuel efficiency.