5 Tips for Buying Clothing for Women this Holiday Season

5 Tips for Buying Clothing for Women this Holiday Season

Jamie Goodwin

Jamie GoodwinDec 04, 20173 min read

It can be intimidating to purchase clothing for loved ones, especially the women in your life. But, if clothing is at the top of their holiday wish list, there are things you can do to find the perfect items that they’ll love. Check out these 5 tips you can use to find something for the special women in your life:  

1. Determine the Clothing Types

What does she need in her wardrobe? What types of clothes has she been eyeing lately? Maybe she needs comfortable active joggers or a great-looking bomber jacket. If you’re not sure what she wants or needs, then think about what she wears on a regular basis. Or, think about what you love to see her wear. On the other hand, maybe she just needs some beautiful accessories or jewelry to elevate the outfits that she already owns. Determining the clothing type will help you narrow your search.  

2. Review Her Style

If you don’t want her returning the gift when the holidays are over, you want to choose something that fits her style. Think about the types of clothes that she typically wears. How would you describe her style? What colors does she wear? For example, think about the tops that she likes. Are they bold colors or more subdued? Does she like to wear sweaters, cold-shoulder tops, or something more casual? Once you have a good idea of her style, you’ll know what to look for that she’ll love.

3. Go Shopping Together

If you get a chance to go shopping with one of the women you’re shopping for this holiday season, pay attention. What does she gravitate toward? Is there anything that she is specifically looking to find? Maybe she keeps looking at classy cardigans or cozy sweaters. Make a mental note of the colors, fabrics, and other characteristics that she seems to prefer.

4. Talk to Her Friends

If you’re unsure what to get, consider seeking advice from her friends. Maybe they’ll tell you that she really wants a beautiful sheath dress. You could learn about the perfect colors and designs that make her feel beautiful. So, if she has a close friend that knows her tastes well, why not use your resources to make sure that you find the perfect holiday gift that she’ll look forward to wearing?

5. Sneakily Discover Sizes

You don’t want to make the mistake of getting the wrong size that she’ll have to exchange after the holidays. Therefore, you need to do some research. Does she wear petite or tall sizes? What size clothes does she wear? What’s her shoe size? You could just ask her, but that might ruin the surprise. So, it’s time to do some reconnaissance. Check her clothing labels, ask her friends, or take other creative measures to make sure that you’re purchasing the right size.

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