5 Things To Consider When Shopping For Shoes Online

Feb 28, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Sometimes, shoe shopping online can get ugly (and challenging). You run a risk of buying the wrong size or style, and returning items is frustrating and can be expensive. So what are your options? We recommend shopping online for women’s shoes at a trustworthy retailer (as in, not bargain-basement), somewhere that has good deals and a sterling reputation. When it comes to shoes you want quality AND fit so make sure you are starting at the right place.

Here are five other tips to consider.

1. Pay attention to material

Be sure to look for quality when you're shoe shopping online. Genuine leather with genuine leather soles is by far the best option, but patent leather works great in every climate (and repels water nicely), as does well-made vegan leather.

Another point about the material: some of the smallest annoyances that come from wear-and-tear can be repaired if you invest in a few tools. Those tools are easy enough to hunt down and include Shoe Goo, basic heel taps, rubber sheeting, replaceable insoles, and (possibly the most important) heel savers in a variety of sizes. Those little clear caps slip over heels and keep them from getting stuck in grates and scratched, and are genius little finds that can extend the life of your shoes threefold.

2. Read the reviews

Don't be a know-it-all! While some of us simply don't pay as much attention to customer feedback as we should, it's an essential part of getting the best (and most reliable) deals. Don't forget to look into top-rated items as well as the ones that have the most substantial number of reviews. Compare and contrast to find a pair that suits your needs and that has been reviewed by buyers you trust.

3. Be practical

OK, those glitter high heels are gorgeous, but if you’re on your feet for most of the day, they don't make a ton of sense. Be sure to balance your purchases with a certain degree of practicality, and then use the last bit of your budget to get a fun pair that you might not wear often, but that you plan on showing off when the time is right. Look for bow-adorned heels, platforms, shoes in fun colors, and lots of suede.

4. Pay close attention to measurements

That’s not just the length of the shoes, either. Measure your preferred heel height, across the ball of your foot, and then the length, of course. Use your favorite shoes as a guide, too, not just the first pair you grab! Err on the side of caution – your feet aren’t going to appreciate wiggle room of a half-inch or more. And don’t be afraid to go wide! If you have a wider foot, shop stylish shoes that are made just for you, don’t squeeze your foot uncomfortably if you don’t have to! Some retailers have a line of shoes made for you like City Chic’s wide fit shoes.

5. Don’t balk at deals

Sometimes, you can score a fantastic sale price that makes you want to buy two pairs – go for it! Combine coupon codes and shipping offers to make every dollar count, and check out sites that have sales going on right now. Use the latest discount code for City Chic to shop their new line of wide fit shoes and get 25% off when you use these tips for your shoe shopping spree.