5 Looks to Blow Everyone Away at the Office Party

5 Looks to Blow Everyone Away at the Office Party

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerDec 16, 20172 min read

Do you work in a conservative environment? Are you constrained by dress codes and buttoned-up rules? Or maybe you’re just hoping to make an impression at an upcoming holiday work bash? This is your time to shine... the holiday work party means that rules go out the window (and that all you need to pay attention to is how many cocktails you have pre-dinner)

Holiday parties mean flash to spare, and we say that life is too short not to take advantage of the chance to rule-break. If you're wondering what to wear, we've put in the legwork for you. It's time to get shopping at DressLily.


1. Sparkles and Sequins

There's just something about them! A touch of sparkle is acceptable for any destination, and to take it up a notch, glittery, flowing tops are the way to go. Many of these have a trapeze shape, but we want to remind you that you definitely don't need to stick to that. Get belting (and DressLily has plenty of belts, too).


2. Statement Dress in Black

Want to go crazy and reject the super-safe little black dress? We don't blame you. Go for as bare or unusual as you dare, but in black. It's the palate cleanser that you need to get away with something on the daring side.


3. Pleated Beauties

Whether it's a top or a skirt, there's something so festive about pleated pieces, especially in pleather, metallic, or shiny, shiny black. Since we're looking for "wow" factor, let your statement piece shine with an all-white top, silk blouse, or drapey, solid top in a trapeze shop.


4. Go Body-Con

Work in a supremely conservative office? There are still ways to wow everyone. Take this from people who've been in similar circumstances... what you need to do is stick to a neutral, conservative palette, and then go for something that flatters in the best way possible. We're thinking a body-hugging, curve-embracing, totally flattering dress or jumpsuit, but in black, burgundy, or navy... without tons of skin showing. Pile on the jewels, too!

5. Fantastic Fun

The best way to wow everyone is to become a chameleon. Are you a sweet girl with natural curls? Get vampy, with dark lipstick and a sexy dress. Are you the buttoned-up type? Find a fantastically girly, flirty dress. Love suits? Go for a tailored jumpsuit with a wide statement belt. Surprise everyone... it's the biggest way to make an impression.

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