5 Helpful Breastfeeding Products for the First Time Mom

Mar 27, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

Deciding to breastfeed is a personal choice, but when you consider the cost of formula being between $60-$100 dollars per month, breastfeeding can add additional savings into your pocket. If you have made the decision to breastfeed, what products do you need? Are there items that you can omit from the list? Can you get discounts on higher priced products? Here is a great list to get you started on your journey.

Breast pumps

Breast pumps can be quite expensive to buy, but there are ways to save you money when making this investment. These handy machines allow you to pump and store breast milk on the go. They are perfect for working moms or moms with a busy schedule. You can choose manual pumps or electric pumps depending on your needs. Look for companies that use promo codes like or You can save up to 20% on your first purchase when you sign up for their email list, and often they have free shipping coupons as well. Breast pumps, once sanitized, can be resold after you no longer need them which is an excellent way to gain some of your cost back in the end.

Nursing Pillows

Sometimes comfort is the furthest thing from your mind when breastfeeding. Nursing pillows can give both you and your baby more comfort and control during the process. Look for a pillow that has a u or v shape and one that comes with an attachable cover for easy cleaning. Nursing pillows are a perfect product that gives new moms the confidence they need to have their baby breastfeed in the proper position.

Bottles and Storage Bags

You are going to need containers for all that breastmilk and with so many different products on the market, what do you need to look for? Getting milk storage bags that can be quickly dated and frozen are a must. For bottles, having a set of about 8-10 with two different sizes will last you for the first year. Make sure that you also grab a bottle cleaning tool to get into the hard to reach areas with during cleaning with ease. Many breast pumps come with a bottle package, so take a close look for added savings.

Nursing Pads

Coming from someone who has been there, having a breast leak while not at home can be embarrassing. To give you some additional peace of mind, make sure that you stock up on nursing pads. These come in a variety of sizes and materials for any leak mishap. If you are a crafty gal, there are also tons of free patterns on the internet if you want to make your own and save money!

Some Comfortable Nursing Clothes

Having clothing that is unique to your nursing needs is always a beautiful thing. These garments allow for low key breastfeeding where you do not have to worry about lifting a shirt up to your chin to feed your new baby. Nursing bras and wrap around shirts make it easy to feed your newborn wherever you are. If you are modest, add a nursing cover that drapes over your shoulder and the baby. You can find items like these online using a coupon or promo code at stores like Pink Blush Maternity  (they usually have free shipping)

Getting your baby stash ready for your new arrival can cost a whole lot of money. If you use promo codes for larger ticket items to give you a great discount, you will be able to get everything you need for bring up baby.