5 Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

5 Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJun 09, 20143 min read

When June 16 strikes, a sizeable portion of fathers out there will be celebrating their very first Father’s Day. Coincidentally, it will be the very first day new fathers will receive adulation for the large dose of head-pounding labor they put in during these first few months. It is in this vein that we offer Father’s Day gifts for new dads. These gift ideas with help new fathers breathe a little and catch some much-needed downtime.

Gifts for New Dads

A Diaper Bag from Diaper Dude - $60

Changing diapers isn’t generally associated with cool. That’s where Diaper Dude comes in. With a new twist on the diaper bag, Diaper Dude is one of the few stores that attempts to bring style into the wonderful world of fixing a crappy situation. These diaper bags have handy features and sporty messenger styling. As it says on the website, it’s “a diaper bag that dad won’t shy away from.” New dads often need time to get used to this icky responsibility, and it’s easier to assume the diaper-changing role when you look cool doing it. Right now, you can get 15% off with Diaper Dude coupon code DDLS15.  

Smart Baby Monitor by Withings - $249.95

A good father is a father who’s always there, even when he’s not. In today’s world, it’s physically impossible to be there at all times. The Smart Baby Monitor by Withings addresses the concern of fathers who feel they might not be there as often as they’d like. It’s also one hell of a cool device. Tripling as a camera, video player and musical device, this product allows you to communicate visually and audibly directly from your iOS device. It has pan/tilt/zoom technology which allows you to move the camera to see your baby. It also allows you to choose different melodies for your baby’s listening pleasure. Finally, parents can set up alerts which monitor and improve your baby’s room conditions. You are always connected to your baby with unlimited range. Though priced at nearly $250, it’s entirely worth it when you consider how close you’ll be to your newborn and how protected he or she will be. Apple Store is offering this great product with free shipping right now.

Rockaroo - $159.99

The trick to successful parenting is letting your baby safely indulge his or her own interests. This allows you to collect yourself and rest, and it provides meaningful mother-and-father time, if you catch my drift. The Rockaroo is the infant-version of the rocking horse. It gives your child an exhilarating sensation, rocking your child back and forth like a nurturing swing set. It has five speeds and washable seat fabrics. The cheapest price is currently at Target for $159.99, and you can get it with a $5 off coupon.