6 Vegas Bars that are Worth your Money

6 Vegas Bars that are Worth your Money

Jennifer Carno

Jennifer CarnoMay 16, 20184 min read

It's common knowledge that casinos often give out free drinks for gambling, however, these often take forever to arrive, are watered down, and they don't come with food. If you want to get drinks and experience a real bar without having to waste money on gambling, then you need to check out these six bars in Las Vegas that are worth your money: 

Ri Ra

Rí Rá

Rí Rá is a phenomenal Irish bar inside of Mandalay Bay. While this establishment is a chain, they always go the extra mile to provide a warm and luxurious experience to their patrons. It is a real Irish bar where just about everything is imported from Ireland (including the bar itself). The food is superb, with comfort options galore (be sure to say "yes!" to their mac and cheese). The drink list is also impressive and contains a seemingly endless selection of Irish whisky. Best of all, their prices are in line with standard city prices, not the extremely expensive Vegas strip prices. If you're planning a trip, be sure to check out the "What's On" section of their website, which lists the venues live events. While you're there, we highly recommend seeing John Windsor perform. Windsor is an outstanding performer who engages the audience with both songs and stories. He may even stop to have a pint with you on his break! Rí Rá has no admission fees so you can see him play for free while dining on some delicious Irish cuisine. 

Garden Bar at the Flamingo

The Garden Bar at the Flamingo

Want to stay on the strip, but hang at a more low-key bar? The Flamingo's Garden Bar is a great spot to have a drink while taking in an amazing view. After you're in Vegas for a while, being able to take a breath and enjoy the scenery becomes a must! Give yourself a break from your busy itinerary and enjoy the card games and slot machines at this easy-going bar. You will find this offers a quieter experience, where you can gamble and get free drinks while still feeling like you're at a traditional bar. 

Pizza and Beer

Evel Pie

Just off the strip, you will find a surplus of great bars that are much more affordable. Hit up Evel Pie on Fremont to get away fron the casinos and instead enjoy a slice of terrific pizza and $3 beers! Here you can fill up on carbs and cheese while enjoying beers, shots, cocktails, and happy hour. Not to mention, the Evel Knievel décor can't be beat! 


The Golden Tiki

Another classic bar that you can find off the strip is The Golden Tiki. Not only is it surrounded by lovely restaurants, but it is also open 24 hours a day and will give you an excuse to visit Chinatown. Also, The Golden Tiki hides a special Easter egg on their website that links to a free drink! If you click on the map, it takes you to this page, which you can print for a free drink. Make sure you check out the expansive cocktail menu in advance so you know what drinks you'll want to try. 

Herbs & Rye

Many consider Herbs & Rye to be one of the best kept secrets in Vegas! This restaurant is off the strip and is exactly what you'll need to escape loud tourists and crowded casinos. This restaurant specializes in crafting cocktails, cooking the perfect steaks, and finding the best beverages to pair with dinner. When you visit Herb & Rye you get a taste of old Vegas with a fresh twist and deliciouis food. Plan ahead and make a reservation for dinner on their website

Slot Machines

Whiskey Down at MGM Grand

Want to stay on the strip but need a place to relax for a bit? Then you need to check out the incredible whiskey selection at Whiskey Down inside the MGM Grand! Here you'll find a full bar that is just steps away from slot machines that are avaliable 24 hours a day! The soothing, dark atmosphere is great for getting away from the deafening beeps and dings of the casino floor. 

Las Vegas can be an overwhelming place to visit, even if you’ve been there before. Sometimes visitors can feel stuck in the hustle-and-bustle of the casinos and spend too much time and money in the same locations. We recommend that all visitors walk around, explore the strip, and try our recommendations to experience the dynamic city that is Las Vegas!