5 Bars in Hollywood Worth Your Money

Apr 07, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

While having drinks with friends at home may be the least expensive option, going out and drinking in bars can be worth your money. First of all, the social atmosphere of a bar allows you to not only hang out with your existing friends but also to meet new people. Plus, if you want craft cocktails, it may very well cost you more to buy all the ingredients you need for hard-to-make drinks. Why not have a professional make them for you and meet some new people? Here are 5 bars in Hollywood, California that are worth your money.

Frolic Room

The Frolic Room is a drinks-only (save for the popcorn) establishment that has been a classic Hollywood spot on the walk of fame since 1930. It’s a great local dive with the best prices in town. All of their bartenders have been in the service industry for decades, so they know what they’re doing. The local atmosphere and Hollywood location make this a fantastic place where regulars and travelers talk to each other. Come for a drink, leave with a cool and affordable baseball hat or T-shirt.

Lost Property

The sandwich board outside the door of Lost Property on Vine Street lets you know you’ve come to the right place! This classy, craft cocktail spot features high-quality ingredients in every original drink. It’s a great bar if you want to eat and drink because they’ve got a diverse menu. Try the sausage rolls and garlic parmesan fries for delicious filling treats at a fair price. More spacious than other craft bars, you will be able to find room for you and your friends, if you get here on the earlier side. They often feature live music on Sundays or Thursdays. Come see the drink menu change with the seasons!  


Tucked away inside the Hollywood Best Western Hotel on Franklin, MiniBar has an adorable, cozy atmosphere and experienced mixologists. The Godfather 101 is a must-try drink.  Get on their mailing list to be in the know about special events. They’ve thrown killer Valentines and Halloween parties with fantastic DJs. Want to host a private event? Why not rent the place out? They have extremely fair deals! MiniBar even has a mini-martini happy hour where you can order delicious and strong, smaller martinis for only $5 each. While you’re there, check out the adjacent 101 Café for a meal.


How many couples have met at Birds? They’re a restaurant and bar with delicious rotisserie chicken and great drinks. Perfect spot for a birthday party, just call ahead to reserve the bird cage area and pay $15 for balloons and a giant drink. Mary, the owner, and the all-around incredible host is famous to all at Birds. She and others make this a welcoming and homey place, whether it’s your first day in Los Angeles, or you live here. They are nicely located on Franklin Avenue, above the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Blvd. With all the new bars that have opened in Hollywood, Birds is still a busy hotspot, and they’ve had this staying power since 1994.


Boardners’ nachos are some of the best around! A good-sized plate can be had during happy hour for only $5! Their chicken skewers with rice and peas are delightfully creamy. Boardners has different happy hour deals every day, so there are always great prices for cocktails, wine, or beer. And whether it’s happy hour or not, their prices are always super affordable. We encourage staying past happy hour for a fun time. They have clubs and concerts in the back of their venue. They’ve been located in the heart of Hollywood since 1952!

Be Safe and Considerate

If you’re going to drink, make sure you don’t drive to the bar. Walk or take an Uber, Lyft, cab, or public transportation. Parking is expensive and difficult in Hollywood, so save yourself the money on parking by paying for a ride over. Pace your drinking and eat something, so that you don’t become an unfriendly drunk. No matter what, include money in your budget for tipping. $1-$2 per drink is standard if you pay with cash or 15-20% on your credit card. Remember, going out for drinks costs more than having beers at your friend’s house, but you’ll meet new people and can try creative drinks that are difficult to make yourself. Check out any or all of our recommended bars in Hollywood, they’re worth it!