5 Affordable and Practical Baby Products for the First Time Parent

Apr 13, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

Reflecting back on my pregnancy with my first born child, it is hard not to think of the stress that came with figuring out what I needed to purchase so that I  could be as prepared as possible. How many onesies would I need? What would be the best monitor to hear my son when I was not in the room? How much money was it all going to cost? Having a baby is expensive: empty your savings account expensive! With thousands of new baby products coming on the market every year, how are we suppose to figure out what we need and what is a complete luxury or waste of money?

I had such a tight budget that I really had to weigh through all of the products out there and find what was going to help the most when my child was not feeling healthy. As a first time parent, the thought of not having the necessities to keep my baby healthy was a heavy weight on my shoulders. If you are a first-time parent, the costs can be dizzying, so I have put together a small list of the most essential and affordable products that will save you some sleepless nights and money! You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to keep your baby healthy and happy, concentrate on the necessities instead!


Hearing Your Baby

The most costly item on the must-have list is a baby monitor. You need to be able to hear your newborn wherever you are. If they wake from their slumber, you will hear them. If the are coughing or sneezing, you will know! With both audio and video baby monitors on the market, only purchase what you can afford! Having a video monitor is great, but it is NOT necessary.

Helping Baby Breathe

Cool Mist Humidifiers are a must-have for any new parent. The cool mist provides moisture within the nursery which helps your baby breathe. Moisture from the humidifier keeps dry throats, irritated dry skin and stuffy noses at bay. The white noise that humidifiers emit also helps lull your newborns to sleep. There are humidifiers in every shape, color, and size available, so you can purchase one that even goes with your décor.

Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Being prepared for those sleepless nights when your little one is under the weather is a blessing. Make sure you have the medicine cabinet well stocked with things like baby acetaminophen, gripe water, zinc oxide cream and a digital baby thermometer. Having a nasal aspirator is a great addition as well and will make a world of difference if your newborn is congested.

Baby Spa Days

A babies hair and nails can grow very quickly, and those little nails can do some damage. Be prepared by purchasing a pair of baby nail clippers and a soft baby brush for your newborn. If the thought of trimming your little one's nails scares you, you can always select a baby file instead. You can find a large selection of both clippers, files and brushes for baby at Amazon. Make sure that you purchase a baby sized clipper because you will find they are much easier to maneuver around your infant's fingers. As for the brush, soft bristles and a small size work best. My favorite was the Safety First Easy Grip Brush and Comb Set. It comes in many different colors and works really well to help remove flakes caused by cradle cap.

When the Chompers Start Appearing

The one thing that I spend a little more on than I expected was a good teething toy. Sophie the Giraffe has been around for years, and there is a reason why. This teething toy is not only great for the gums but how can you resist its cuteness. Teething toys provide your baby with comfort for the pressure and pain that is associated with teething. They give your baby something safe to chew on and can be washed to keep them clean.

All you Need is a Little List and a Lot of Love

With so many products on the market, finding the differences between what you need and what you do not can be difficult. It is ok to purchase items that may seem like a luxury if you can afford them. Just remember that you do not need to buy everything and you do not need to spend so much money on preparing for baby. Make a list of what are necessities and luxuries and use coupons and free shipping options when available. Your baby is stronger than you think!