4 Destinations For an English Autumn Escape

Jul 21, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

We all know England is not exactly famous for its sunny summers; and yet, this only makes it the perfect destination if you are travelling after the hottest season – both in temperature and prices. Here you’ll find some cool alternatives to travel between the end of this summer and the beginning of Christmas vacations – a list that will definitely win your heart with its autumn vibes.

Jane Austen’s Celebrations in Winchester (September)

It would be a great offense to Winchester – a gorgeous little town in Hampshire – to focus on one single event. What makes it a great choice is the ridiculous amount of landmarks and historical sites you will have the chance to visit – including King Arthur’s famous Round Table. This year, however, Winchester is not just a good option, it’s a must: the world is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, which took place right here in 1817. She was buried in the Cathedral, and, among other Austen-focused initiatives, you can still catch up with the ‘Jane Austen Tour with Coffee and Cake’, running until the 2nd of September.

Festival Season in Nottingham (October)

15 festivals, one city: this is what to expect when you are visiting Nottingham in October 2017. They even have a website dedicated to this month! Whether you are a beer enthusiast, you love good music or are interested in the local food, you surely won’t be disappointed. If you are not convinced yet, bear it mind that Notthingam is also famous all over the world for the character of Robin Hood: not only you will find an authentic medieval castle – Nottingham Castle – but the most popular Robin Hood-themed festival takes place in October. During the ‘Robin Hood Pageant’, the castle is literally transformed into a medieval village, and you will experience an average day of horserides and swordfights. What’s not to like?

MCM ComicCon in London (November)

It is hard to say whether London really has an off season, however everyone probably agrees that November isn’t the typical time for a holiday. Unleash your inner nerd and join one of London’s favourite events: the winter ComicCon.  It might not be as popular as the US ones, but it doesn’t go unnoticed: international guests, cosplay contests, premiere screenings, panel interviews and, obviously, many stands with traditional Japanese food. The location at the ExCel Centre will give you a chance to stay out of the city centre  and explore the real East London – perhaps even the mysterious neighbourhoods just outside London. Tickets are already on sale, so hurry up!

Christmas in Canterbury (December)

Christmas markets are a pretty big deal in the UK, so why don’t you start off the season with a trip to a special one? Canterbury is a fascinating city every day of the year, but in winter it has a special charm. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to some beautiful examples of historical buildings such as the Cathedral, or fascinating traces of its ancient history, like the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey. December is the month of the Artisan Christmas Gift Fair on the first weekend, and of the Magical Medieval Christmas a couple of weeks after. If you think Canterbury is just your cup of tea, however, make sure you regularly check its website – the city might be small, but it surely doesn’t keep quiet.