4 Thoughtful and Affordable Gifts for Teachers Appreciation Day

4 Thoughtful and Affordable Gifts for Teachers Appreciation Day

Nicole Brown

Nicole BrownMay 08, 20183 min read

Teachers often go unappreciated for just how much they do for our kids. This is no easy career since teachers are often called to fulfill many roles including counselor, protector, and friend. On this Teachers Appreciation Day, be sure to honor your favorite teachers with some of the amazing gifts below!

 Spa Day

Rest & Relaxation 

The constant stress of the school year can really wear people down, especially teachers. After long days of watching over students and longer nights of grading tests – they could use a little relaxation. Giving your teachers a simple spa kit or certificate could do wonders when it comes time to unwind. After a much-needed spa trip, your teacher is sure to come back to the classroom feeling refreshed and ready to go! Or, perhaps your teacher is a fan of facials and skin care products that will calm those frayed nerves and get their mind off tomorrows lesson plan. If that’s the case, we would recommend the Rich Moisturizing Mask from Sabon! This facial mask was made to infuse the skin with natural moisture while giving an added hydration boost. Not to mention, it contains trendy ingredients like seaweed extract to ensure that your teacher is up-to-date with the latest skin care trends.


Fun for Foodies

It’s pretty common for teachers to take a “working lunch” or even to cut their lunches short in order to take care of students and school-related issues. Since teacher’s lunches are already short, they would really appreciate an extra-long lunch or dinner with their family. You can accomplish this feat by doing a little research and giving your teacher gift cards to their favorite restaurants. If your teacher has a sweet tooth, you can also gift them a gourmet gift basket that is filled to the brim with candy, baked goods, and all their favorite treats.  This is the perfect gift for teachers who are foodies and for those who don’t often treat themselves.

 Drawing Classes

The Teacher becomes the Student    

Many teachers can feel stuck in a rut after teaching the same material year-after-year. However, you can shake things up by pooling your money with other students and buying an experience gift for your teacher! This will allow them to get out of the classroom and to see the world for themselves with a vacation or excursion that they’ll never forget. Give your teachers something to look forward to this summer and help them stick out these last few months of school. Or, you can turn your teacher into the student by purchasing courses that will teach them after school activities. This can include painting, pottery, creative writing, drawing, and other fun hobbies that can act as a therapeutic outlet after a long day of teaching.

 Tourist Destination

Take on The Town 

If you aren’t sure what excursions would be best, try something less intense and opt for a low-key experience. Tickets to the zoo, science museum, theme park, or local attraction can be a nice offering that carries a ton of sentimental value. If you want to give them a choice on where to go, get them a CityPASS and give them prepaid access to the top tourist destinations in your city. Teachers are already spending the entire school year with other people’s kids, but now they can finally enjoy some time with their own family as well.

Don’t let the teachers in your life go unappreciated. They work hard every day and even the smallest form of acknowledgment can make a huge difference! If you’re a student or parent, make sure you go the extra mile and show that you appreciate your teachers contribution!