4 Easy First Date Ideas to Impress with Ease

Mar 16, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

There are a lot of moving parts associated with first dates--what to wear, where to go, and will they like you? --and the last thing you want to be worrying about is something silly like where you’re going to park. For your next first date, don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on making it a night to remember. is making it easier than ever to find great deals on parking and movie tickets so you can get some of those important first date factors taken care of with ease. Here are 4 ideas on how to impress on the first date:

1. Traditional dinner and a movie

Let’s say you’re going for a classic first date. By using, you can save money on every part of that evening. Search for new and fun restaurants in your area and impress your date with your knowledge of culture and cuisine, and rest easy in the knowledge that you got the best deal possible. And as for the movie tickets, there’s no need to break the shows you the theaters that are running the best deals. Make that traditional date night one for the books!

2. City Life

Maybe you’re going to a city attraction, like a museum or a fancy restaurant. Use to find a parking structure close by to save yourself some stress, some time, and some money. You can use your location to find the structures and lots closest to your destination, so you aren’t having to walk 12 blocks in heels. 

3. Cocktail Hour

Drinks are a great way to get to know someone without committing to too much--perfect for a first or second date. Use the restaurant feature to find the coolest bars near you, and save money while you’re at it. 

4. Get Sweaty

If you want to get active and impress your outdoorsy date, take them on a beautiful hike in the great outdoors. No matter where you’re headed, you’ll need to park there first. A lot of state parks and hiking trails have lots that you need to pay to park in, so use to save on your next outdoor adventure.

Planning dates can be stressful, but rest assured at the end of the night you’ll be happy you were prepared. Booking with Way helps with those big hurdles, so you can worry about the food in your teeth, not the nights' itinerary.