3 Travel Snack Hacks To Help You Save On Your Trip

Aug 02, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Oh, that $10 bottle of water calling your name from atop the mini bar. Are you guilty of breaking into it after a long, hot day on the beach or a night out on the town? Easy to do. From the pricy beverages and snacks to the expensive dinners in tourist traps, it’s easy to bust your budget on vacation. So, before you pack your bag for your next trip, start planning for your travel snacks and meals, as well. Here are some tips that could help you save hundreds:

1. Bring your own water (or water bottle)

Before you leave, or arrive to the hotel, hit up the nearby CVS or grocery store to load up on bottled water. This is especially easy if you’re traveling by car and will help you avoid grabbing that expensive water in the hotel, or falling prey to a pricy, sugary alternative. Traveling by plane or train? Pick up a filtered water bottle that you can fill up in the sink or water fountain. Many hotels also offer a complementary water cooler in the lobby. Check out this Ultralight Purifier Water Bottle that provides full-spectrum protection against pathogens, particulates, chemicals and heavy metals – extra important if you’re traveling internationally. Get free shipping and 5% off with our Proboardshop coupon.

2. Scope out nearby discounts

From Groupon to LivingSocial you can find discounts on local restaurants and activities to fill up your vacation days at lower cost. Be sure to also check with the hotel concierge and talk with locals to find out their favorite discount locales, and ask for tips to avoid tourist traps. It’s also a good idea to locate the closest grocery, convenience and liquor stores near your vacation destination before you get there. That way you already know where to pick up the essentials without breaking the bank.

3. Fill up on breakfast

Breakfast… the most important (and cheapest!) meal of the day. And, many hotels offer free continental or buffet breakfast. Filling up early in the day (for free) can help you save a bit extra for a nice dinner or two, and help you avoid those late-morning hunger pangs interfering with the day’s events!

It’s easy: bring your own water, scope out nearby discounts and fill up on breakfast. These are just three, quick ways to save on food and beverages on your vacation. The key to all – plan in advance! Happy travels!