3 Tips from A Personal Trainer: Investing in Your Health

3 Tips from A Personal Trainer: Investing in Your Health

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersAug 31, 20184 min read

Your health is important and can have major negative effects on your life if it starts to decline. Whether it is work, school, relationships and even finances, when you are in bad health, stressed and forgetting to take care of yourself, these things can take a major hit. The best way to take care of your health is to take care of your mind and body with getting active and moving at least once a day.

As a personal trainer and nutrition specialist in Los Angeles, I have seen too many people let their personal health and self-care take a back seat in their life, only to watch them struggle to get back to their former glory. No matter what your personal health and fitness goals are i.e. making better food choices, losing a few pounds or getting stronger, investing in your health should be a priority. Staying active and fit prevents disease, relieves stress and boosts self-esteem and in the end, can save you from a lot of costs down the line so it is important to invest now.

Here are 3 tips from a personal trainer on what you should invest in to take care of your health:


1. Gym Membership, DVD or Equipment

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars every month for the elite boutique fitness studio nor do you need to drop a few grand on a high-tech cardio machine to collect dust in the garage but what you do need is a workout you can stick with. It doesn’t matter if you are a weightlifter and get a monthly membership at the local gym or if you can’t get enough of those online classes or DVD fitness programs but do something. I have worked with clients in facilities that have every piece of equipment under the sun and with clients that simply have some hand weights and one resistance band to do full body workouts and resistance training at home.

The point is, have something that motivates you to move each day. While some people need the motivation of a payment to the gym to actually use the membership, others just need that yoga mat in their living room. Invest in your health with a program, or workout that you enjoy.

athletic wear

2. Athletic Wear

This might sound silly but getting a good workout in can entirely depend on what you wore to the class, gym or training session. The last thing you want to be focusing on is your outfit when getting your sweat on and all too often clients fiddle and mess with their leggings, fix their tops and adjust their workout wear while in the gym and it becomes a distraction to you and your trainer.

Invest in quality products and gear that is comfortable, versatile and let’s face it, cute. If you love what you are wearing and look your best, you are guaranteed to feel your best during your workout. And the less focused you are on fidgeting with your cloths the more focused you can be on form. One of my favorite brands as a trainer is Gymshark. Products are not only comfortable during whatever workout I put them through, but they are affordable. Not everyone can drop $150 on leggings for the gym but $54 for a pair of bright, fun and comfortable leggings is not only doable but so worth it. Gymshark also gives shoppers amazing deals like 10% off orders of $85 or more when you use code PARTUSPROMO10 at checkout. So get a new workout outfit and use it as motivation to get back to it!

healthy food

3. Good Food

This is not the place to majorly cheap out. Gone are the days of cheap ramen in your first apartment when you are scraping by. Instead, opt for a variety of quality produce from your local farmer’s market or grocery store. I am not saying you have to buy organic, non-GMO everything, but introduce some super foods, healthy greens and fresh produce into your kitchen and your life.

Nutrition is not a place to skimp and you can do a lot on a budget when it comes to meal planning and eating well so there’s no excuse. You should definitely prioritize your groceries as a thing to invest in for your health. Your gut will thank you for it in the long run when you get the proper nutrients to take on whatever life throws at you. And let’s face it, you need to properly fuel those killer workouts in your gym or your living room with well-rounded meals!

It seems simple, but these 3 things are the most important investments you can make to change your habits and create a healthier, happier you in the long run. You can still hit your health and fitness goals on a budget but sometimes, it is worth a splurge to look and feel your best!