3 Reasons to Purchase from Secondhand Gift Card Sites

Sep 13, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Using gift cards can help you save money. How? For one thing, you can purchase secondhand gift cards at reduced prices. Secondhand gift card sites, such as Raise, Gift Card Granny, or Gift Card Mall, have thousands of cards to choose from. If you’re questioning whether or not to check these sites out, here are some benefits that you should consider.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

In the past, people have tried to buy secondhand gift cards for reduced prices only to discover that they were the victims of fraud. You don’t want to shell out money for a gift card with a lower amount than promised. Even worse, you don’t want to purchase a gift card that doesn’t have any money on it at all.

Fortunately, sites like Raise offer a 100% moneyback guarantee for 100 days. They also verify the sellers before allowing them to sell their gift cards on the site. Check out the policy of the website you use first. Make sure they offer a guarantee that the gift card will work. Then, check the gift card amount as soon as you get it.

Receive Your Gift Cards in a Timely Fashion

There are two types of gift cards: digital and physical. Digital gift cards are also referred to as electronic gift cards, vouchers, or egift cards. Most of the time, you’ll receive these types of cards within 24 hours of purchasing them. So, if you’re looking to do some online shopping, you can purchase these cards and get to it just 24 hours later.

Physical cards take a little longer to receive. Depending on where they’re coming from, plan on receiving these types of cards by mail 3-14 days later. Frequently check your mail, so you can start shopping as soon as you get it.

Save Up to 35% on Purchases

Most importantly, secondhand gift card sites help you save money. For this to be true, you should stick to purchasing gift cards for stores that you actually shop at already. From grocery stores to movie theaters, you can find gift cards for places that you frequent, so you can save money on things that you already buy.

Then, purchase the largest gift cards available. The higher the amount on the card, the more savings you’re going to see. In fact, some of the gift cards can help you save up to 35%. The amount that you can save is based on supply and demand. For example, these websites offer Target gift cards with about 5% savings and Walmart gift cards with about 2-3% savings. However, a boutique that people don’t frequent as often could have savings in the double digits. Check the sites frequently to look for great savings.  

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s a good idea to buy these gift cards now. Then, you can use them for your holiday gift shopping and holiday party grocery shopping. Take the time to read through the sites’ policies and find one that you can trust to provide you with the best deals possible.