26 Fall Home Decorating Ideas for under $150

26 Fall Home Decorating Ideas for under $150

Mary  Kamelle

Mary KamelleSep 26, 20188 min read

Some of us are not so happy to say "goodbye" to summer, but others are super excited to put away the flip-flops, pull out the sweaters and start decorating their homes for fall! Fall decorating starts with nature's beautiful, harvest hues and ends with things that are creepy and crawly! Overstock.com makes fall decorating easy, fun, and affordable with so many products available under $150 that there is no reason you can't be fall fabulous this year too! Here are some tips and ideas to help you welcome fall into your home with style:


1. Candles, Candles, Candles!

Candles work for every holiday, but nothing says fall quite like pumpkin spice! Cinnamon and apple candles fill the home with familiar fall scents, too. After all, what's fall without pie, football, and hot cider?

2. Repurpose Seasonal Decorations

By repurposing seasonal decorations, such as white lights, you can put a fresh twist on the fall season! You can simply buy white lights and save them later for winter holiday decorating. They can be used to illuminate a fall garland or fill a hurricane lantern for a warm, welcome glow. Not to mention, you can use them anywhere, and buy them for a discount before the holiday season hits!

3. Fall Photos

Buy large frames and fill them with old fall photos! Dig deep into those boxes, pull out old discs or flash drives and print those photos. You can do it at home or bring it into your local drugstore for professional printing. Almost everyone has an old photo of someone at a pumpkin patch or apple picking. If not, now is a good time to go make some memories.

4. Stylish Chalkboards

Stylish chalkboards that are decorated with fall quotes and leaves are a fun twist on the usual fall home decor trends. You can hang the boards or rest them up against a wall. You can change the message every day, write reminders, or fill them with holiday-themed doodles. A chalkboard can get you through multiple holidays with the right color chalk. Turn an empty frame into a Thanksgiving or Holiday menu board by adding a chalkboard.

Rustic Lanterns

5. Rustic Lanterns

Rustic lanterns in fall colors can be used for entryway decorations stuffed with lights or candles. It is more cost-effective to purchase LED lights as they will last longer, but the soft flickering light and beautiful scents of candles are hard to replace. Candles or lights, either way, it is a win/win! Tall glass hurricanes filled with a pumpkin surrounded by coffee beans, acorns, or candy corn can also create a charming entryway for your home.

6. Doorway Decorations

Doorway decorating can be done easily by adding a colorful fall doormat. Let your friends and visitors know that you embrace the change of season even if it means winter is closer than you'd like. A fall doormat is the first thing they will see as they enter your home. You can give them the chills or make them crack a smile with a wide range of Halloween and seasonal doormats.

7. Pillows, Pillows Everywhere!

You can change the entire look and feel of a room with a few well-placed throw pillows. You can even make that much-loved, well-worn sofa or chair look like new when you add eye-catching, throw pillows. They are a very inexpensive way to update your furniture while ringing in the fall.

8. Autumn-Themed Garlands

Want to add a fall feeling to a room? Autumn themed garlands that can be draped around any doorway or mantel is the perfect, seasonal touch for any room. Add a few strategically placed mini pumpkins and gourds, whether real or painted, and you're ready for the season!

9. Tablecloths & Tablerunners

Tablecloths and Tablerunners in rich autumn colors can bring the beautiful feel of fall to your dining room and kitchen. You can really use them in any room - think coffee table, living room, nightstand, or anywhere else!

Floral Designs

10. Floral Designs

Updating floral designs with dried flowers can give your home a fall-feel for less. Try golden brown peonies, dried sprays of autumn leaves or hearty stalks of wheat. Sunflowers and pinecones are a natural choice for fall decor and perfect for wreaths.

11. Glittery Glass Pumpkins

Whether you are traditional or a little "glitzy", your fall style can shine through by displaying glittery glass pumpkins, sparkly gourds, or sequined apples on shelves or tabletops. Fall sparkle is always in style. Try a glittery banner - DIY or pre-made from Overstock.com with a festive message of your choice.

12. Cozy Throws

Fall-colored throw blankets will give a cozy, autumn feel to your favorite snuggle spot. Much like throw pillows, they can give furniture an updated look and change the whole feel of your room.

13. Bedding Galore

Updating your bedding can be both decorative and essential as the weather changes and the days get shorter, and the nights become cooler. New bedspreads with deep earth tones and decorative pillows will remind you that summer is gone, but lots of fall fun is still ahead of you!

14. Door Decor

You can warn people ahead of time that Halloween is a treasured holiday in your home with doormats at the front, back, and side doors. With scary doormats, spooky decorative signs, and creepy Halloween decorations, your guests will know they are entering at their own risk.


15. Transition to Halloween!

While the summer is gone, there's still reason to celebrate since Halloween, arguably the best holiday of the year is quickly approaching. Not to mention, transitioning your home from an early autumn harvest to Haunting Halloween can be a lot of fun. This transition has become easier than ever thanks to Overstock.com, which offers a ton of decor for under $150.

16. Fabulous Fall Rugs

For a real statement on behalf of fall, update an area rug to one with deep, burnt orange or golden, wheat tones. Use it in your entryway for a dramatic change or update the family room in your favorite fall shade.

17. Accent Colors

The right accent colors can add new dimensions to any room. Try placed red or orange baskets in highly traveled areas of your home for subtle changes. Stuff them with fall scented items or hand-painted faux gourds and pumpkins. Then after Thanksgiving, you can re-purpose them for winter holiday decorations!

18. Give DIY a Try

Looking for an art project? You can take white dragon wood poles and wrap them in white, orange or even black lights to let the trick-or-treaters know you are home. Give them a spooky look by adding cobwebs and hanging spooky birds from the branches. You can also try adding black crows, owls, or - for a more classic look - soft white lights.

19. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style is still all-the-rage! Decorate an entire wall with signs and messages welcoming friends, family, and ghouls alike. Rustic signs can add color and texture to your home, along with messages that complement your personality and offer greetings to friends and family.

Apple Picking

20. Apple Picking

Apple picking is a fall tradition that everyone loves, but what are you supposed to do with all those apples? Real apples won't last forever, but ceramic apples will if you handle them with care. You can place them on tables or as part of a display on your fireplace. You can also mix them with other seasonal items in a bowl or basket for a colorful centerpiece.

21. Bring the Decor Outside

Decorating outside is just as much fun as inside! You can use decorations from nature itself like sticks and branches; cover with cobwebs to give your home a haunted feel. You can stick windsock Halloween decorations on your lawn with confidence that they won't blow away. They come with a sturdy post you can secure in the ground with ease. Line your fence or entryway with a canvas Happy Halloween Banner with a rustic look to give a holiday greeting to all who pass by. There are so many great decorations available at Overstock.com that whether you decide to go spooky or farmhouse rustic you will be sure to find something that matches your style.

22. Walkways

You can line your walkway with orange luminaries. Use these as an inexpensive way to light the walkway for trick-or-treaters or party guests on a dark, cool fall evening. They brighten the way and add a decorative flair to any home, deck, or patio.

23. Decor

Ceramic, colored vases in different sizes and shades of autumn can be used to sprinkle color throughout your home. Place them on mantels or shelves to serve as a subtle reminder that fall is here. You can fill them with dried sunflower blooms or swirls of red and orange maple leaves for added color in any room. You can also use them as a centerpiece for a table and fill them with twinkling lights.

24. Tableware

Set your table with Autumn Fields Dinnerware - a set of fall dishes reminders your guests to give thanks for the beauty that is all around them this holiday season. Formal or fun, these dishes make any day special.

Autumn Art

25. Autumn Art

You can refresh any room with autumn-inspired artwork. Look for vibrant fall foliage prints to give your home a true autumn feel! Replace your current wall hangings with affordable, canvas wall art. It makes seasonal decorating easy with no clean up required. Put it up and take it down; it is that easy because they come ready to hang.

26. Cozy up the Outdoors

Don't move the summer furniture in just yet! What is better than a crisp evening and a warm drink on the deck or patio. Add fall pillows and seasonal throws to keep you snug. Overstock.com also has portable tabletop heaters in a bronze gold hammered finish or an electric mounted heater for under $150 each! That will help you get more time out of that deck or three-season porch.

Bring the natural beauty of fall into your home or add some ghoulish delight for Halloween with tons of affordable items from Overstock.com.