20 Unique Non-Traditional Engagement Rings that will Save you a Pretty Penny

Oct 18, 2018Reading Time: 11 min

It can be tempting to go for the safe and traditional route of going with the same, plain old diamonds during your engagement. But, there's nothing wrong with stepping outside of your comfort zone and opting for something entirely unique instead. Your partner and your relationship are truly unique, and you should have a unique engagement ring or band that reflects that. When shopping at big-name ring retailers, you might notice that they only offer the same, old boring traditional rings. Additionally, the engagement rings you'll find at large-scale retailers usually go for a budget-busting $5K-$6K on average! But if you're trying to find something unique and affordable, you're in luck! We've curated a list of non-traditional engagement rings that are both beautiful and eye-catching. Not to mention, buy purchasing these rings, you will be supporting independent artists. Just scroll down to check out the complete list:

Twig and Leaf Engagement Ring

1. Twig and Leaf Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: Doronmerav

Is your one, true love obsessed with everything nature? Then you need to reach for this stunning, unique ring that combines natural filigree with a beautiful opal gem as the centerpiece. This ring is fiving off some seriously adorable woodland fairy vibes and we just can't get enough of it! With this ring, you even get to choose exactly what shape and color of stone that will be used. Depending on your stone choice, this ring will cost somewhere between $1K-$3K and is still far below the usual average price of traditional engagement rings.

Alternative Raw Stone Ring

2. Alternative Raw Stone Ring

Photo Credit: rawbyoliviamar

If your partner loves all things gothic, they'll be sure to fall for this raw stone engagement ring. Perfect for boho or Halloween weddings, the black tourmaline gems that act as this rings centerpiece, is thought to promote calmness, stability, and self-confidence. Not to mention, this is commonly considered to be a grounding stone that empowers the wearer and diminishes negative thoughts.

Diamond Cluster Ring

3. Diamond Cluster Ring

Photo Credit: LoveRingsDesign

This lovely handmade ring is perfect if your significant other doesn't want one boring, old diamond. With this ring, they're sure to be blown away by this cluster of shimmering diamonds that resemble a lovely bunch of blossoming wildflowers. Compared to previous rings on this list, the diamond cluster ring brings a more feminine and dainty flair. Depending on the band size, this ring will cost between $489-$539, which is a huge discount compared to the average

Forest Silver Wedding Band

4. Forest Silver Wedding Band

Photo Credit: ashhilton

If your beau is a nature lover or an avid camper, then look no further than this simple and stylish wedding band that features a lovely pair of trees. Not to mention, this ring is perfect for a beautiful woodland wedding or a forest festival. This adorable little design is hand-crafted using a chisel and is then dyed black, so your ring of choice is sure to pop! Simple and sweet, this ring can be yours for a measly price of $215!

Lily of the Valley Diamond Ring

5. Lily of the Valley Diamond Ring

Photo Credit: Roelavi

This stunning ring showcases a beautiful floral bundle of Lily of the Valley flowers that all bloom towards a shimmering diamond. This stunning, handmade ring set is a 14K solid white gold ring that uses only conflict-free diamonds. If your beau appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into creating an extraordinary ring, this is the one for them!

Green Emerald Engagement Ring

6. Green Emerald Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: willwork

If your partner is a fan of elegant designs, then this emerald ring is for them! Handmade by the seller, this ring is made of solid 14K gold and only uses accent stones that are natural and conflict-free. The rich color of the emerald gem and the teardrop cut of the stone is sure to capture the heart of your beau without capturing your wallet. Depending on the band size, this ring can be yours for $469-$569!

Classic Pear Ring in Aquamarine

7. Classic Pear Ring in Aquamarine

Photo Credit: MichelliaFineJewelry

This double-trouble ring comes in a vibrant aquamarine shade that is elegant, feminine, and incredibly sleek. This ring features a minimalistic take on the more typical, mid-century modern designs that we are used to when it comes to engagement rings. Not to mention, this pear-stone also comes with a small half-circle crown of diamonds. The aquamarine ring by itself ranges between $780-$1,080 while the two piece set ranges between $1,370-$1,805. While the two-piece set is definitely one of the more expensive options here, it’s stunning look is definitely worth the price tag.

Celtic Engagement Ring

8. Platinum, Celtic Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: Doronwerav

A Celtic-inspired engagement ring plays off the common saying of 'tying the knot'. The band of this rig features overlapping bands which are meant to symbolize a relationship that is as strong as ever. This ring is truly unique and, not to mention, is a beautiful twist upon more traditional band designs. This is one of the pricer ring options on the list depending on the diamond size you select, and the price ranges between $1,750-$6,550.

Opal Boho Ring

9. Opal Boho Ring

Photo Credit: rawbyoliviamar

Want a ring that adds a little pop of color? This alternative opal engagement ring is perfect for someone who is looking to remain connected to mother nature. This glistening opal ring is giving off some serious boho vies. Not to mention, the shimmering blues and purples are reminiscent of swirling galaxies and constellations. This ring ranges between $184-$204 depending on the type of finish you choose, but even so, this engagement ring is the perfect budget option if you're in need of an alternative ring that provides a healthy pop of color.

Raw Apatite Stone Ring

10. Raw Apatite Stone Ring

Photo Credit: rawbyoliviamar

This simple and sweet engagement ring showcases an all-natural, raw blue apatite stone that is perfect for your boho-themed wedding! Blue apatite is considered to be a gem that encourages focus, free-thinking, creativity, and aids in communication and personal growth. Not to mention, this colorful stone is the perfect substitute for the usual diamonds since you can grab it at the low price of $200!

Alexandrite Sapphire Ring

11. Three Stone, Alexandrite Sapphire Ring

Photo Credit: Oore

There isn't anything we love more than this Alexandrite Sapphire, three stone engagement ring! While this is definitely one of the pricer options at $1,020, this high-quality triple-threat is definitely worth the extra cash. If you choose this ring for your special day, you will even receive a cetification of the main stone, which is Chatham Alexandrite. Each of these rings are entirely handmade and features a unique stone that changes colors from purple to teal in different lighting.

Rose Gold Knot Ring

12. Rose Gold Knot Ring

Photo Credit: ballandchain

You can take the phrase "tying the knot" to a whole new level with this adorable rose gold knot engagement ring. Instead of a stone, this ring features a small knot as the centerpiece. This is perfect for all of the minimalists out there who are searching for a ring that holds a ton of sentimental meaning. This 14K gold knot comes in shades of rose, yellow, and white. This ring is made of a complex process in which a knot is tied in wax and then cast directly into gold using a wax process.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

13. Natural Sapphire Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: EnveroJewelry

This regal and understated ring features a natural, unheated sapphire that comes in a variety of different hues. If you're searching for an elegant ring that also brings out a pop of color, this is the ring for you! Surrounded by smaller diamonds, the main sapphire comes in shades of lavender, blue, green, yellow, peach, and pink. Not to mention, this ring is made of 100% natural, recycled and ethical 14K rose gold metal.

Latitude and Longitude Band

14. Custom Latitude and Longitude Band

Photo Credit: monkeysalwayslook

You can forego the stone entirely and just go for this beautiful, sentimental band! This band can be completely personalized to a specific longitude and latitude location that is important to the wearer or to your relationship. This location can be where you first met, where you became 'official', or even where you shared your first kiss! This band captures a rustic and organic style that is available in both silver and copper shades. Sign us up!

Halo Opal Diamond Ring

15. Petite Halo Opal Diamond Ring

Photo Credit: MichelliaFine Jewelry

If one stone simply won't do, you should grab this petite halo diamond ring! It features a lovely opal centerpiece that is surrounded by an entire halo of shimmering diamonds. If you're searching for something more elegant, this style is definitely something you should look into. Even with all of this bling, you will only have to pay between $690-$990 for this ring. That's a huge difference than the average $4K price that most engagement rings go for!

Soundwave Ring

16. Unique Soundwave Ring

Photo Credit: Soundwave Jewelry

Speaking of bands, we just have to mention this amazing stainless steel ring that has truly captured our hearts. This ring is engraved with custom sound waves using a recording of your voice. Whether you want to record a simple "I love you" or an inside joke, it's entirely up to you. Since everyone's voice produces a different waveform pattern, you can rest assured that this ring will be unique to you and your love.

Under The Moon Personalized Ring

17. Under The Moon Personalized Ring

Photo Credit: gemagenta

Do you love your partner to the moon and back? Now you can show them that with a simple ring that seeks to emulate the moon's stellar beauty. This unique Etsy shop offers rings that showcase the phase of the moon during a special date. If you want to honor the day you first met or your wedding night - this is definitely the way to go.

Titanium Gem Power Ring from TOUS

18. Titanium Gem Power Ring from TOUS

Photo Credit: TOUS

If you're looking for something out-of-the-box, then you should reach for the Titanium Gem Power Ring that features pearls, emeralds, and rubies. The Titanium band offers a feminine touch with three bars that offers a refreshing touch to a traditional, and sometimes played-out design. When you reach for this special ring from TOUS, be sure to add a coupon code from to unlock an amazing deal.

Diamond Leaf Wedding Band

19. Diamond Leaf Wedding Band

Photo Credit: MichelliaFineJewelry

Cute, dainty, and fit for any fairy princess - this diamond leaf band is so adorable! You can grab the stunning band for prices ranging between $620-$920. This nature-inspired gem is the perfect base if you're going for a stacked ring look. In addition, this band will bring the beauty of a fresh spring garden right to your hand. Made with genuine diamonds, you can pick from a range of metal choices including 14K gold, 18K gold, or platinum.

Ebony & Guitar String Wedding Band

20. Ebony & Guitar String Wedding Band

Photo Credit: Ringandgroveco

If your beau is a music-lover, then you need to check out this stunning band! Made out of dark ebony wood with an acoustic guitar string inlay, this aesthetically pleasing band is an instant classic. Since this ring is made out of natural material, each one is going to be completely unique and feature a range of stunning natural, earthy shades.