20 Products that Succulent Fans Need Immediately

Sep 06, 2018Reading Time: 9 min

Have you noticed how succulents seem to be all over social media lately? We certainly have. It's easy to see why so many people have become enamored with these durable little desert plants. Along with being adorable and pleasant to look at, these plants don't require a green thumb to keep them alive and healthy. Not to mention, there have been recent studies that have shown that the presence of succulents have beneficial effects for their owners. So if you're a new plant parent or an aspiring gardener, here are 10 succulent products that all plant lovers will need to have immediately:

succulent subscription box

1. A Succulent Subscription Box

Before you can really dive into this list, you need to know about a subscription box service that will deliver some precious-looking succulents right to your front door. All of the products from Succulent Studios are hand-selected and are the perfect addition to your home, office, or garden. All of these budding beauties are grown in Southern California where they are soaking up the sun until they are carefully packaged and shipped all around the world. Succulent Studios has been in the business long before succulents became popular on social media - in fact, they've been in business for the last 40 years!

Photo holder

2. A Faux Succulent Photo Holder

Bring your favorite succulents into the workplace with an adorable desk topper that also brings a functional purpose. This photo holder features a small wooden vase, a faux succulent plant, and a metal ring stand that is waiting to display your treasured memories and favorite photography. This is the perfect gift for someone who is lacking a green thumb but still appreciates the succulent aesthetic.

Succulent Cacti Dress

3. This Adorable Dress

Looking for a style that screams succulent chic? This adorable dress from Mod Cloth is perfect for the crazy plant lady in your life. This white dress is dotted with prickly cacti, succulents, and other desert plants that gives this outfit a unique flair. Oh, and did we mention that this dress has pockets?

Succulent Tapestry

4. Tasteful Tapestries

Society 6 showcased this beautiful new tapestry that is perfect to showcase your love for all things foliage. With vivid colors and crisp lines, these succulent blooms are a spectacular centerpiece. This wall art comes in small, medium, and large sizes so you can pick the size that will go best with your wall space. With this large statement piece, you can show your love for nature while also adding an affordable sense of style to the entire room.

Succulent Gift Boxes

5. Gift Boxes

If you've been searching for the perfect gift, look no further! Lula's Garden is a succulent garden gift box, that allows senders to give the gift of a lovely garden. These gifts are all affordable, eco-friendly, long-lasting, and start at just $25. The entire process is incredibly simple - just pick your garden size and succulent combination, and Lula's Garden will hand-plant your selection. Then, you can customize your garden with a stunning cover sleeve.

Succulent Throw Pillows

6. Prickly Pillows

While succulents might be resigned to their spot in the garden, you can still bring your love for plants indoors with an adorable succulent pillow. Trendy and sentimental, this throw pillow features succulents and cactuses in a lovely, watercolor style. With contemporary pots, and a clever “love grows here” pun, there is something here for everybody. This is the perfect pick to tie together a room and give things a polished, completed feel.

Wall Hook Succulents

7. A Decorated Wall Hook

Who says that potted plants don’t belong on your wall? This succulent shaped wall hook is the perfect place to put your keys, sunglasses, or jewelry and ensure that you won’t lose them. This is a great option because it means you won’t be forced to have a plain, ugly hook on your wall. Instead, you can have a lovely succulent that doubles as an art piece, where you can hang things that you need on a daily basis.

Succulent Socks

8. Succulent Socks

Always an amazing gift or stocking stuffer, succulent socks are a must-have for the holiday season. Amazon offers a stunning pair of crew succulent socks that are the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. Even if the recipient of these socks doesn’t have a green thumb, this trendy style is all the rage right now and is a whimsical design that everyone can get behind.

Succulent Backpack

9. Beautiful Backpack

If your teen is worried about staying on-trend this year, look no further than this succulent-speckled backpack. Complete with an audio system that connects wirelessly to their smartphone, this backpack is the perfect gift for any music-lover - whether they’re rushing to class or on their way to a late night concert. This bag has plenty of pouches, pockets, and storage space for all of your teen's school supplies.


10. A Lovely Wreath

Nothing quite says “Happy Holidays” like a lovely wreath. But, for succulent lovers, this is the perfect chance to show their passion for plants. This round, 20-inch succulent wreath is a unique way to show your joy for the holidays while also celebrating your green thumb. This festive addition to your office, front door, or wall space, is sure to bring out your unique style. You can even add ribbons, and faux flowers to make this wreath really pop!

Office Buddy

11. An Office Buddy

Looking to add some extra flair to your space? Why not grab some trendy succulents that have been delicately placed within a timeless, geometric frame? This succulent arrangement comes in a 6-sided copper metal wire frame, which gives the gardener the option to display it or hang it. No green thumb? No worries! This handheld arrangement offers the organic beauty of succulents without the upkeep. Thanks to these extremely realistic plants from Overstock, you get the natural look that you crave, without the responsibility.


12. Plant-Inspired Popsockets

Want to make your passion for plants really pop? Then look no further than this adorable Popsocket! The organic shape of succulents and desert plants are complemented by geometric shapes and pastel colors. This offers a secure and stylish way to grip your phone and snap better photos that doubles as a convenient stand that lets you watch videos on the go.

Lapel Pin

13. This Lapel Pin

If you’re a sucker for succulents, we have the perfect accessory for you. This lapel pin is a great accessory for your backpack or blazer, and it features two devious succulents with the clever text design “what up succa?”. This is perfect for the amateur gardener who is looking to take their love for plants with them wherever they go.

Bedroom Set

14. An Adorable Bedroom Set

If your little bundle of joy is a lover of nature, this comforter set is a must-have. Inspired by natural desert landscapes, this colorful comforter will help turn your child's room into a shimmering oasis. Made from 100% cotton, this bedding features cacti and desert succulents that are printed in soft, pastel shades that give the prickly plants a unique and nostalgic touch. For indecisive kids, this comforter can be reserved to a solid, blush pink shade.

Laptop Cover

15. A Dashing Laptop Cover

This dashing succulent pattern is a great way to liven up your laptop screen. These watercolor succulents give a free-flowing vibe to the sometimes harsh desert landscape that they come from. With an adorable, polka-dotted background, this laptop cover is the perfect accessory for the back-to-school season.

Succulent Mug

16. This Succulent Mug

You can personalize your passion with this customizable succulent-themed mug! The designers at Vistaprint have developed this green, plant-filed mug that will match your love for nature. You can personalize your very own mug with a company logo, initials, images, and more.

Nature Notebook

17. Nature-themed Notebook

Speaking of the back to school season, this notebook is the perfect companion piece to that laptop cover. This pocket journal is the perfect accessory to keep your notes organized or to practice doodling your artwork. When shopping with Zazzle, you can choose from blank, lined, grid, or checklist style page inserts for use in recipe keeping, note taking, sketching, and more!


18. Cactus Candles

These vivid pieces of decor provide you with 10 uniquely shaped succulent and cactus candles. Not only are these the perfect decor for bridal showers or weddings, but they can also be used as adorable party favors. These lifelike plants are only a little over 1 inch, meaning they are perfect for your office desk as they won’t cause clutter.

Cactus Rug

19. Cactus Rug

Customize your space with this adorable cactus-shaped area rug that can double as a functional bath mat. Made of 100% cotton and easily cleaned, this rug is the perfect addition to any room. This cactus rug is the perfect way to shout out to your love of the desert aesthetic and foliage without going overboard filling the entire room with plants. This bath mat is available only at Urban Outfitters and it can be scored with a coupon code from!

Succulent Skincare

20. Succulent Skincare

Some succulent fanatics might find that they already have too many plant products than they know what to do with. Instead of getting another desk topper, why not get something that’s functional? That’s where this Hydrating Water Gel Mask comes in from Ulta - which features hydrating cactus and cloudberry water that will leave you with a refreshed and radiant complexion. Enriched with Omegas and Vitamin C, this product is perfect if you’re searching for a healthy glow that brightens and nourishes skin.