2-for-1 Halloween Costumes That You Can Use All Year Long

Oct 16, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Halloween is right around the corner and if the thought of shelling out the cash to outfit your family has you shuddering with fright, we've got a new strategy for you. This year, why not get the most bang for your buck and go for costumes that you can use for multiple occasions? See, Halloween doesn't have to be so scary. Check out the listicle below to find out which costumes will save you some serious cash:

Santa & The Elves

Santa & The Elves

Christmas will be here before you know it, so why not get a sneak peek with an all-things-Santa theme for Halloween? Our friends at Halloween Express have you covered on adorable Santa costumes for the whole family, even your furry friends! And be sure to check out their fun selection of Santa's elves costumes, which are sure to be a big crowd-pleaser. You'll be covered for Halloween, and already set for the holiday season. Your family will love it, and your wallet will, too!


Thanksgiving Turkey

Maybe you're the family who not only loves Thanksgiving dinner, but you are all just a bunch of turkeys at heart. Why not gather the group up for Halloween and be a bunch of Thanksgiving turkeys? Halloween Express has a super fun and hilarious Thanksgiving turkey costumes for your whole family. Then, when the big feast comes around you can all re-don those outfits around the dinner table. Talk about a conversation starter!

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

Easter is never complete without the bunny, so why not go for this theme for Halloween and re-use it during the springtime? You can really get creative with this one! The whole family can go for the bunny outfits, or a mix of bunnies and giant carrots, or even the Christmas-Story-inspired bunny outfit.


Conversation Hearts

When Valentine's Day comes around, you'll be ready with this adorable Best Friend Forever Conversation Heart Costume. This costume works great for two kiddos and can easily be re-used when February 14th rolls around. If you're on the look out for an even sweeter deal, be sure to check out, where you can find a ton of coupon codes that have been specially selected for the Halloween season.

4th of July

Uncle Sam & All Things 4th of July

Another great option for your whole crew is 4th of July themed for Halloween. Be sure to check out Halloween Express' fantastic selection of Uncle Sam and American Flag costumes that the whole family will love. Bonus? You'll already have your outfit when the fireworks start on the 4th of July!


Superhero's & Disney Characters

This list isn't all about the holidays. If you have little ones, you can grab them a costume of their favorite superhero or cartoon character to wear on All Hallow's Eve. Then, when you visit local theme parks or visit the premiere of their favorite superhero movie - just grab the costume and gear up for the big day.