15 Hilarious Pet Costumes for Under $15

15 Hilarious Pet Costumes for Under $15

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamOct 21, 20133 min read

There’s nothing better than a cleverly costumed pet.

While it should be mandatory for pet owners to dress up their kittens and canines year-round in hilariously awesome attire, I don’t make the rules. But for this Halloween, I vehemently urge you to entertain your friends and family by dressing up your pets in gut-bursting garb.

So, we’ve collected fifteen great pet costumes—all under $15—featuring the funny, the fantastic, and the frighteningly cute. You’ll find dogs dressed up as fruit, dogs dressed up as superheroes, and dogs assuming the identities of other animals.

1. Superman - $12.99

2. Green Dinosaur Hoodie - $14.99

3. Pet Butterfly - $12.99

These cute and cuddly costumes come from HalloweenCostumes.com. Whether your dog’s a fan of Clark Kent, paleontology, or butterflies, you could easily snag a costume within your limited budget.

4. Dog Bat - $13.95

5. Red Devil - $14.95

6. Tinman - $10.99

Dressing up like a bat or devil is normally cliché. But if it’s your dog, there’s something undeniably fresh about it. Your dog may also like Alice in Wonderland, in which case, it’s the smarter avenue to opt for a Tinman costume. Likewise, these are all under $15 and available at Costume Kingdom, where you can drop the price even lower by taking advantage of 10% off with code CK10.

7. Prisoner Dog - $9.99

8. Sunflower - $11.99

9. Taco Dog - $14.99

Via BuyCostumes.com, you could go with dressing your dog up like an inmate—that is, if he’s been exhibiting bad behavior. Do you own a Bichon Frisé, a Pomeranian, or a Pug? The smaller the dog gets, the cuter and cheaper the costume. Go with Taco Dog if your dog enjoys Mexican food, or Sunflower if he tears apart your garden. BuyCostumes.com is currently offering 30 percent off one costume item (code AFC30BCONE), which would drastically reduce the price.

10. Animal Planet Triceratops - $9.23

11. Chiquita Banana Dog - $16.16

12. Lion Dog - $13.85

The Chiquita Banana costume is a hot seller at Costume Craze, so act fast. You can get 5 percent off orders with code GETFIVE, and opt for something monstrously adorable like the triceratops or something that may take a bit of primping, the lion. Warn your neighborhood you’re dressing up your dog like a lion to avoid calls to the police or lawsuits.

13. Bacon Dog - $16.99

14. Zelda Caveman - $16.99

15. Rasta - $19.99

These prices hover a little above $15, but with 25 percent off site-wide at Spirit Halloween (code WALKING), the prices drop within range. While dogs generally avoid wigs like the plague, it’s worth a bit of torture to dress them up like cavemen or Rastafarians. I’m still trying to wrap by head around the bacon costume.

You’d be remiss to abstain from giving your pet a little taste of this celebrated holiday. And we don’t mean candy. All it takes is a little pocket cash and you’ll be laughing all the way to All Hollow’s Eve.