11 Ideas to Furnish Your Dorm Room At Little To No Cost

11 Ideas to Furnish Your Dorm Room At Little To No Cost

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJul 31, 20143 min read

Moving away from home to college can make you feel uneasy inside. That is why it is important that when you get to your new dorm that you make it feel like your new home. Here are some simple and affordable ideas to help make your dorm room cozily your own.

Print a Mural of Something You Love

Whether it’s your favorite singer or someone you idolize—a mural fills up that empty space on your wall and is easy to make.

You can find out how to make it here.

Make It Yours With Tape

Washi tape comes in many different designs and doesn’t leave a residue when you peel it off. It works great for outlining book shelves, posters, or just for creating patterns on the wall. Best of all it’s cheap and can be found at most stores or online here.

You can also use Washi tape to personalize your laptop keyboard.  

Instructions can be found here.

Get Organized With Tea Cans

If you have a fridge or a magnetic board, get an old tea can and place a magnet on the back. You can use it to store pens and other little things you might need to keep organized.

Never Lose Your Keys Again

If you love Legos and simple ideas, consider making a key holder. It’s incredibly cheap and fun to put together. You and your roommate will enjoy hanging your keys more.  

Here is the list of what you need and how to put it together.

Create a Mood and Light up Your Boring Walls

If you’re looking to create some ambiance while you read or study, or you just want an alternative to floor lamps, use twinkle lights. You can string them along the head of your bed or table, or along the wall to illuminate the whole room.

Make an Inexpensive Movie Projector with Your Smart Phone

If you’re limited on space and don’t have room for a TV, then try making a Smartphone Projector. It’s simple and all you really need is a shoe box and a magnifying glass.

Here is how you can make your own.

Make a Boring Chair Unique and Give Your Guests a Seat

Give the guests that come visit you a place to sit. Instead of everyone lying on your bed, get some old steel chairs and redesign them to fit your room.

Turn Your Wall into a Place of Motivation

Create words of inspiration or quotes from fabric and corn starch. It’ll make fill up those boring walls and keep you motivated during your studies.

Here’s the “how-to.”

Build a Discreet and Simple Book Shelf

Get a book end stand and turn it into a book shelf. If you can’t drill holes into the walls, consider getting tape fasteners that can be removed easily.

Turn an Old Trash Can into a New Side Table

Instead of spending money on a new bedside table, find an old trash basket and spray paint it to whatever color fits your room. It’s cheaper and does the job for a fraction of the price.