Take Pride in your Zodiac Sign with 10 Galaxy-Inspired Gifts

Sep 22, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

You can treat yourself this September with a galaxy-inspired gift that will speak to your unique zodiac sign! As the holidays start approaching, you will have to spend some of your cash on presents and gifts for loved ones. But before you rush out to the mall, you should consider spending a little bit of that dough on yourself. Whether you want to celebrate your astrological sign or if you just appreciate a spacey aesthetic, there is something here that everyone will enjoy!

Zodiac Wine Glasses

1. Stemless Wine Glasses

Raise a glass to your unique zodiac sign with these adorable Space Constellation Wine Glasses from Etsy! These steamless glasses feature labeled constellations within a speckled night sky in the Northern Hemisphere. This is an elegant and understated way of showing your love for both alcohol and the infinite cosmos.

Astrology InkBox Tattoos

2. Temporary Zodiac Tattoos

The hardcore astrology fans can wear their sign on their sleeve with these temporary zodiac tattoos from Inkbox. You will find a ton of horoscope-inspired ink with these temporary tattoos, including planets, solar systems, constellations, stars, and astronauts floating through space. Or, if you are looking to stick to the classics, you can choose your own astrology sign as a temporary tat. Feeling particularly artistic? You can draw your own astrological masterpiece with their freehand ink!

Starry Light Show

3. Starry Night Lights

If you're bummed that you can't spend the night sky, don't fret! You can turn your room into a spacey sanctuary with a Multicolored Projector Night Light that will bring the beauty of the night sky right into your bedroom! Astrology fans will receive this beautiful light show for under $10 when using a coupon code from!

Star-Inspired Sneakers

4. Star-Inspired Sneakers

These reliable, galaxy-inspired shoes are perfect for the zodiac-lover who is constantly on the go. Covered in vibrant stars and spiraling galaxies, these unisex sneakers are perfect for casual wear, traveling, running, or stargazing. The sneakers themselves come in a variety of shades, patterns, and colors that are all reminiscent of a beautiful night sky.

Planet Lollipops

5. Planetary Lollipops

You can hold entire planets in the palm of your hand with this delicious, intergalactic treat! These lollipops are made using a classic candy-making process where a 2D image is encapsulated in six distinct lollipop molds. Each planet has its own unique flavor and is the perfect gift to give to an astrology-fan or a science geek who has a sweet tooth.

Horoscope Makeup Palette

6. Horoscope Makeup Palette

Horoscope-inspired makeup? Yes, please! This line of zodiac makeup from BH Cosmetics is perfect for every zodiac sign and skin tone. This palette features a divine spectrum of bright and smoldering shadows that can make the perfect natural look or smokey eye. In addition to eyeshadow, this palette also features a highlighter that will add the perfect pop to your look. The eyeshadow combinations are named after the signs themselves, and inspired by the unique traits of each sign.

Star Registry

7. Star Registry

If you know a hardcore fan of space, why not buy and name their very own star? This unique gift is perfect for anyone who is fascinated with the science behind space or enamored with its astrological mysteries. This is truly a unique and thoughtful gift to give someone and something that the receiver can enjoy every night for the years to come. Throw in a telescope, and you have a truly amazing out-of-the-box gift.

Astrology Artwork
Artwork by: Ulla Thynell

8. One-of-a-Kind Artwork

We have fallen in love with these amazing artistic representations of zodiac signs that were created by Finland artist Ulla Thynell. You can purchase individual astrological signs or all twelve of them at Society6. These colorful and vivid depictions are a refreshing take on the traditional signs that we know and love. You can make a blank space pop with an art print, poster, or coaster while paying homage to your sign.

Alien Aesthetic

9. Embrace an Alien Aesthetic

How can we talk about space without mentioning aliens? If you're looking to embrace a slightly stranger aesthetic, then check out this comfy extraterrestrial sweatshirt from ROMWE. With swirling purple galaxies and an alien silhouette, this sweatshirt is a must-have for the coming winter months.

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10. The Mixology of Astrology

Planning a get-together with friends? Why not make it a night to remember with The Mixology of Astrology book that recommends 16 unique, cosmic cocktail recipes for every zodiac sign. You have probably checked your horoscope to find out insider info on your love life or career aspects, and now you can do the same thing with alcohol! You can find this book at any local Barnes and Noble or buy it online and use a coupon code from to score an even better deal.