10 Ways to Use Changing Leaves in DIY Crafts with your Kids

Oct 02, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

Fall brings in beautiful colors, warm cider, and a crisp in the air. However, after a fun-filled summer, it can get a bad reputation - especially when parents are wondering what they can do with their kids. There are plenty of simple activities to do to ring in the fall season, just using the changing leaves alone! These crafts can be great for children and parents to have fun, bond, and do a number of things together that don't cost too much. If you're looking for inspiration on some fun fall-themed crafts you can make with your kids this season, be sure to check out the fun DIY crafts below:

Leaf Crown

1. Leaf Crowns

Photo Credit: Pinterest

We're going to start this list off strong with an awesome leafy activity that will make your little ones feel like the king or queen of the outdoors! All you need for this activity is about 10-20 leaves, a ribbon that fits around the head or construction paper cut into a long strip.

To begin, simply start by preserving the leaves or flowers and gluing them onto the ribbon or paper in any pattern. Once the whole ribbon/paper is filled with leaves, glue the ends together. Or, if you're using a ribbon, you can tie the ends together so it can be adjusted for size later. Then, let it dry overnight and tada - you've made a perfect leaf crown!

Leafy Animal Pictures

2. Animal Pictures

Photo Credit: YE Craft Ideas

Animal Pictures are surprisingly simple to create. For this craft, simply use leaves to make pictures of animals. Decide whether the leaves will be the base, head, fur, and more. Then, glue it down on paper and then finish drawing the rest of the animal. This is an exercise in creativity and imagination and is perfect for a child that is artistically inclined. First, collect leaves and lay them out in front of you. Then, simply select leaves to create your animal-inspired masterpieces. This is one of the simplest and easiest DIY crafts on the list, but it is also one of the most fun! If you need inspiration, be sure to check out these examples!

Leaf Paintings

3. Leaf Paintings

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Looking to make an awesome painting? Try it with a leaf! There are two different variations that you can try when creating your next artwork. The first way is to place the leaf down on your canvas and then paint it and the paper around it. This yields a great picture in which a white space is left in the shape of the leaf against beautiful, colored backgrounds. Another way you can paint with leaves is to paint a leaf your desired colors and press it to the picture, then you will have a beautiful leaf painting!

Leaf Confetti

4. Leaf Confetti

Photo Credit: O World

If you have a fall birthday, you should definitely try this next DIY craft! To create some lovely leaf confetti, simply crumble or tear up leaves that come in a variety of colors. This leaf confetti can also be used to decorate the base of other plants, the base of a candle, or any other inventive thing that you can imagine.

Fall Leaf Garland

5. Fall Leaf Garland

Photo Credit: Factory Direct Craft

For this cool idea, you can simply glue leaves onto each other. First, preserve the leaves, and try gluing all of your leaves in the same direction. Some simple ideas are to use all one color or one type of leaf to give your garland a more unified look. Or, if you're going for a more unique look you can collect a variety of leaves and create a gradient of different colors.

Leaf Placemats

6. Leaf Placemats

Use construction paper and leaves to complete this cool project. You can decorate these placemats any way you like, and you can even combine a few other crafts on this list in order to make them really pop. To preserve your masterpiece, be sure to use self-laminating sheets and then eat away.

Leaf Necklace

7. Leaf Necklace

This is a fun and unique take on a necklace! To make it simple, you can use twine and small clothespins to create this autumn-inspired jewelry. Start off by cutting the twine so it hangs loosely and can be easily taken off. Then, simply clip the clothespins on to the twine and add a leaf to every pin. Instant necklace! Be sure to preserve the leaves by laminating them if you want this necklace to last for years to come.

Leaf Wreath

8. Leaf Wreath

Photo Credit: Happiness Is Homemade

This beautiful wreath is the perfect way to decorate your home for the fall season. This craft only requires large construction paper, leaves, and glue. First, cut a circle from the construction paper, fold it in half, and then cut a half-circle from the middle of the paper. When you open it, you'll have a circle (this will act as the foundation for your wreath). Next, put a thin layer of glue on the leaves and glue them onto the circle in whatever pattern that you choose. Afterward, hang up your masterpiece for all of your guests to see.

Leaf Candle

9. Leaf Candle

When approaching this craft, you're going to glue the leaves onto the candle to create a unique design that can be as simple or as intricate as you prefer! This awesome craft works best with wide candles or smaller leaves. The best glue for this project is probably Modge Podge, so be sure to grab a bottle the next time you're at the craft store. However, this does make the candle much more flammable, so use these candles for decoration only!

Leaf Hair Accessories

10. Leaf Hair Accessories

Photo Credit: A Pair & A Spare

This adorable accessory can be made with real leaves that have been preserved or leaves from the dollar store. To begin grab two bobby pins, cross them, and hot glue them together where they cross. Then, put a dollop of regular gue on the back of a leaf and press it right onto the bobby pin. Then let this dry overnight. Alternatively, you can use a pipe cleaner and poke a small hole through the leaf. Push the pipe cleaner through just a bit and fold over and then cut the stem the desired length. After, insert it in your bun or ponytail in the desired place.