10 Simple & Thoughtful Gifts for National Girlfriend's Day

10 Simple & Thoughtful Gifts for National Girlfriend's Day

Kelsey Ferrara

Kelsey FerraraAug 30, 20186 min read

Looking for a way to get back on your girlfriends good-side? Well, you're in luck because August 1st is National Girlfriend's Day! Now is your chance to pamper your partner with a few simple and thoughtful gifts that are sure to make this day one to remember. With a sweet "just because" gift, you can charm her while simultaneously making her day a little bit brighter. Is your girlfriend notoriously hard to shop for? Don't worry because, in this list, you will find a variety of gifts that are perfect for any type of partner.

Bouquet of Flowers

1. Find her Favorite Flowers

National Girlfriend's Day is the perfect occasion to give your girl a bouquet of her favorite flowers. To help you turn an ordinary gift into a spectacular one, we recommend 1-800-Flowers.com, which makes sending a beautiful bunch of flowers easier than ever before. You can pick from a huge garden of different buds or customize your own bouquet to make sure you get all of her favorite flowers. Or, if she isn't a fan of blossoms, you can look through their extensive selection of gift baskets to find her favorite treats, snacks, and chocolates. You can even use this $10 off promo to ensure that you still have enough money left to take her out to dinner.

The Girlfriend Collective outfits

2. Get an Outfit from the Experts

If you know her sizes, you can surprise her with an outfit from the Girlfriend Collective - the brand that knows your girlfriend the best. This minimalistic clothing line has the basics and necessities that every girl needs to have in her closet. The name of this brand truly says it all - no matter what style your girlfriend prefers, she'll find something that she loves here. If shes trendy and up-to-date on the latest fashion, you can grab her a bodysuit that has recently come into vogue. Or, if she's a yoga fanatic you can grab her some comfortable leggings and workout clothing that will liven up her gym outfits. If neither of those sounds quite right, you can never go wrong with a simple and incredibly comfortable Tee!

Girlfriend Camping Trip

3. Get Some Fresh Air

If there isn't any room in your budget for gifts, you can always surprise your girlfriend with a spontaneous trip to her favorite camping spot. There isn't anything better than getting away from the stress of everyday life quite like a peaceful camping trip. You can also make things less stressful for her by planning a weekend trip and little activities you can do together. If your partner isn't an outdoorsy person, you can have a staycation right at home! Have your love put her feet up in the comfort of her own home and relax while you take over her half of the chores. While she gets some much-needed relaxation, you can clean the house and take care of little errands to make things easier on her.

FOREO Skin Care

4. Seal the Deal with Skincare

If your bae is a beauty guru who always takes way too long to get ready in the morning, you have to get her a skin cleanser from FOREO. Adorable devices, like the Luna Mini 2 Facial Brush, provides a 1-minute cleansing routine - which means less waiting around for you! This facial brush eliminates blemish-causing impurities while also remaining extremely gentle on skin and is perfect for all skin types, so you can rest assured that your partner will love it. The Luna Mini 2 brush works with every cleanser and is incredibly easy to use: simply apply cleanser, gently move the device in circular motions for 1 minute, then rinse and dry. This simple device is something that every girl needs in their skincare toolkit.

Scrapbook Photography

5. Make a Sentimental Scrapbook

If you're looking for a gift that has a hint of nostalgia, you can handmake a scrapbook that highlights important milestones in your relationship. While scrapbooking can seem overwhelming, you can find everything you need at Scrapboook.com which is always offering new discounts on arts and crafts supplies. You can even get 70% off clearance items when using this promo code. National Girlfriend's Day is the perfect time to gather images and mementos from your years together and create a book filled with happy memories. If you need some help, you can start by looking at big milestones such as anniversaries, holidays spent together, birthdays, road trips, vacations, concerts, and family holidays.

Succulent plants

6. Give Her a New Friend

This National Girlfriend's Day, you can give her the gift of a new friend and a little extra responsibility. We aren't talking about getting her a pet - we're talking about plants, of course! You can help brighten up your girlfriend's apartment with some adorable succulent planters from Succulent Studios. This monthly subscription box provides beautiful succulents that are grown in sunny, Southern California using only organic fertilizers.

Succulents are incredibly hardy and are perfect for new gardeners and budding plant fanatics. Not to mention, these plants dehumidify the air, increases oxygen, and have been known to lower anxiety and fatigue. Succulents have even led to increased productivity when being stationed in office spaces and desks!

Long Distance Gifts

7. On-The-Go Gifts

If you're in a long distance relationship or if your partner is planning a road trip, then you can't let her leave without a Contigo Travel Mug! This mug is complete with a Snap-Seal lid that is completely leak-proof, hardy, and perfect for on-the-go activities. Not to mention, this travel mug is perfect for longer trips since it allows drinks to stay hot for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 16 hours.


8. Can't Makeup your mind?

Whether you're dating a makeup master or someone who prefers a natural glow, you can't go wrong with products from a few beloved makeup brands. However, we know that makeup might not be your area of expertise and it can be very overwhelming to walk into stores like Ulta and Sephora. It can be even more disheartening to pick the perfect shade of foundation or eyeshadow that your girlfriend will love. To avoid all of this, you can simply pick up a gift card for your girls' favorite makeup store. Then, offer to take your girlfriend there and spend the day with her as she picks out her favorite products.

Couples Massage

9. Try Something New Together

If you're looking to do something together, you should check out nearby massage therapists who offer couples massages. While a solo massage can be relaxing and help you unwind, a couples massage allows you to do this while enjoying some bonding time with your partner. Not to mention, it's a chance for the both of you to get pampered.


10. Skip the Winery

If your girlfriend can't go without her favorite glass of wine, you need to sign her up for a wine subscription box, ASAP. One highly recommended subscription service is Gold Medal Wine Club, which offers highly rated wines that are delivered right to her doorstep. Not to mention, you'll save up to 40% off winery retailer prices and there are no monthly dues or minimum payment obligation. You'll have 6 different wine clubs to choose from and you can even select monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly delivery options.