10 Innovative Video Games that are Less than $5 Each

10 Innovative Video Games that are Less than $5 Each

Kelsey Ferrara

Kelsey FerraraJul 26, 20187 min read

We've all fallen into a gaming rut before, and there's no shame in it. It's easy to stop trying new games, especially when we can just replay our favorites (or build another house in Minecraft). Many gamers often find that quality videos games cost upwards of $60+ and can quickly feel discouraged of their gaming hobby. But you don't need to empty out your bank account if you want to play quality games. Here are 10 amazing, innovative video games that are less than $5 each:

One Hand Clapping

1. One Hand Clapping

This beautifully designed game has brought an entirely new spin to the world of gaming. This unique 2D puzzle platformer lets you influence characters, control your progress, and unlock new worlds - all with the sound of your voice. The website for this game itself invites the player to “discover your voice as you explore a beautiful, musical landscape and change the world around you.” Within One Hand Clapping, you will explore a multi-colored desert, stand up against hostile cities, and explore new depths of this complex world. This visually stunning game can be downloaded here and currently allows players to name their own price for it, with the minimum being just $2. Innovative gameplay and an affordable price tag? Sign us up!

Doki Doki Literature Club

2. Doki Doki Literature Club

All is not what it seems inside this outwardly adorable dating simulator. Within this game, players will get to know four girls (Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika) who are all apart of the literature club at school. Desperate to get new members, you must help the girls prepare for an upcoming festival while improving your poetry skills. However, things quickly go wrong as much bigger forces are at work behind the scenes. Doki Doki Literature Club is considered a psychological horror game and definitely isn't for the faint of heart. The choices you make will drastically affect the outcome of the game and the lives of these four girls - so choose wisely.

If you're looking for a horror game that is much more than it seems, this game is for you. The entire game is free to play and can be downloaded here. Users can also contribute $10 or more to unlock access to the DDLC Fan Pack.

Ultimate Custom Night

3. Five Night's at Freddy's - Ultimate Custom Night

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably noticed that Five Nights at Freddy's has taken over the gaming world and has offered an interesting twist on conventional gameplay. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated super-fan, it seems that everyone has heard about FNaF. The newest game in the franchise, Ultimate Custom Night, was recently released on Steam and is confirmed to be the last game that takes place in the FNaF universe. Unlike its predecessors, Ultimate Custom Night is completely free to play and is avaliable right here.

Just like its title promises, this game is the ultimate FNaF mashup as it features 50+ animatronic characters that span seven Five Nights at Freddy's games. The player will find themselves once again trapped in an office and forced to fend off killer/haunted animatronics until 6 am. Not to mention, you can mix and match all of these characters, take on unique challenges, unlock hidden cutscenes, and take a stab at the formidable 50/20 mode.

Fortnite Battle Royale

4. Fortnite Battle Royale

This free to play battle simulation pits players against one another in the ultimate multiplayer fighting game that we've seen to date. Within this game, you’ll find up to 200 players who are solo, in duos, or in squads up to four players. To win, you have to be the last player standing, destroy your enemies, and stay inside an ever-shrinking safe zone. Fortnite players all start at the same level with no advantages - you’ll have to move fast and scavenge for weapons and armor to get ahead of your opponents. You can click here to download the game to your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or download the app where you can experience the same maps and gameplay on the go!


5. Warframe

Warframe is a free to play cooperative, third-person shooter that's made for Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox One. This visually stunning science fiction game allows players to control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who woke from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war in a vast planetary system. The player controls the Tenno and completes quests that unlock the shocking story of the alien race. Combining elements from role-playing games, shooters, and melee games, there is truly something for everyone to be found here. While this game is supported by microtransactions, the in-game items are also available through grinding and money isn’t required to play this game to the fullest.

Fallout Shelter

6. Fallout Shelter

While this game is technically an app that can be downloaded for free, we just had to include Fallout Shelter. The game was made by the one and only Bethesda Game Studios, who is responsible for the Fallout series that captured the hearts of gamers years ago. This game gives the player a simple task: build and maintain your own Vault, or fallout shelter, and survive a nuclear apocalypse. This extension of the Fallout universe gives dimension to the world and highlights the games classic visual style.

In this game, players work as an Overseer and must build and manage your own fallout shelter while the apocalypse rages outside. You can guide them and keep them safe while meeting their needs such as power, food, and water. It’s basically a cross between the classic Fallout games and Sims. While the game itself is free and can be downloaded here, there are microtransactions required for special in-game products.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

7. Star Wars: The Old Republic

This game is an MMORPG that is based in the Star Wars universe and was created by BioWare, EA, and Lucas Film. The Old Republic is the perfect game for Star Wars super-fans who just can't wait for the next installment to be released this December. This game features eight different classes, each of which has a three-act storyline that is revealed to the player as they level up. This story takes place after a tenuous peace treaty is established between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic - and the choice is up to the plater to choose a side. It also features extensively customizable options, hilarious companion characters, and different styles of gameplay - meaning there is something for everyone. You can click here to play the game for free and to stay up-to-date on the latest Star Wars news.

There Is No Game

8. There Is No Game

Despite its title and a sarcastic narrator who is adamant that there is no game here, There Is No Game is a unique experience that challenges the players to be creative. After a little exploration (and a healthy amount of clicking the title screen) users will find that there is much more to this game than what meets the eye. This game actually features triumph, loss, and a goat - all in a clever and snarky video game. Sound interesting? You can click here to play this game right now, for free.


9. Runescape

This fantasy MMORPG is widely considered to be the world’s most popular free-to-play online game. With over 200,000,000 players who are already adventuring, it’s easy to see why Runescape is a go-to for many gamers. This game lets you explore the land of Gielinor, learn new skills, complete quests, slay beasts, and create a truly unique hero who embarks on a great adventure.

By visiting one of their many online guides, you can learn more about the complex lore of RuneScape. You can also gain experience, meet new characters, develop skills, and earn new found treasure. You can click here to find out how to get started and begin your own adventure.


10. Smite

This free-to-play, third-person multiplayer puts the player in an online battle arena where they can control a god, goddess, and other mythical creatures. Players can then take part in team-based combat by using abilities and tactics against other players - all in real-time. The game also has multiple player vs. player modes, an expanse of characters, tournaments, and the infamous Smite World Championship which has a million dollar prize pool. You can play this game right now, for free by clicking here. Or, if you’re still not sure what to expect, you can check out this Starter Guide.