10 Household Items 1 Jar of Coconut Oil Can Replace

Sep 12, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

We have seen many headlines with the trendy product “coconut oil” included, but did you know the many versatile ways you can utilize this product to save money. Coconut oil, along with different health benefits, has a variety of uses that can replace some of those pesky and expensive household items you buy and work just as good if not better than brand-name chemicals and products.

With the average price of $8 for a good jar of coconut oil, you can purchase one to try and replace these 10 items to save money and use an all-natural and organic product in your home that you feel good about using.

coconut oil

Beauty Uses

1. Moisturizer

You have probably seen this one but coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and a little goes a LONG way so one jar will last you a while. Since it is normally a solid at room temperature, just grab a small amount, warm and melt it in your hands and rub it in! If you find you used too much and you feel greasy, wait 5 minutes to let it soak in your skin and wipe off the access. With a good moisturizer ranging from $9 all the way to $50 for some brand name stuff, you can save money on a versatile beauty product with a $5.99 jar from Trader Joes.

2. Make up remover

Girls love their eyeliner and mascara but don’t love to take it off at night. The make-up remover wipes can be harsh on skin and all the chemicals and even formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in those things cannot be good for your complexion. While convenient, those wipes are not with the $6 so instead, use coconut oil.

Warm and melt some in your hands and massage gently on face and eyes to break down the release make-up from skin and lashes and wash face like normal. Coconut oil is a great way to remove pesky eye makeup and doesn’t cost you $20 for a special fancy remover from the department store.

3. Lip Balm

We know you love your fancy and trendy lip balm that you paid $7 for but coconut oil does the trick. While it doesn’t have SPF in it (so it isn’t ideal for sun use) it helps treat chapped and dry lips and lock in moisture. Great for the winter time and perfect before bed to repair lips at night. All it takes is one little swipe and it could last all year round.

4. Mouthwash

Here us out. Have you ever heard of oil pulling? It helps to detoxify your mouth and removes plaque, helps bad breath and since it is anti-bacterial can help fight bacteria in your mouth and prevent gingivitis! How many brands of chemical-based mouthwashes can say all that AND be a healthier alternative?


Oil-pulling consists of taking about a tablespoon of oil and putting it in your mouth for 10-20 minutes, swishing and sloshing it around first thing in the morning. Do not swallow but spit into the trash when you are done and rinse with salt water. Plaque on teeth is not water soluble but it is oil soluble. It is a great way to break down and get the gunk out of your mouth and is a great morning ritual to introduce so you can save on alcohol-based harsh minty liquids!

5. Hair Mask and Conditioner

We know you love to treat yourself once a week to a luxurious hair mask, but that $50 jar from Sephora lasts only so long. Instead, opt for a moisturizing natural mask of oil! Leave in hair and pin-up then wash out like normal! Find that you have shiny and revived locks from the moisture rich and intense coconut oil penetration into every strand. It smells good too!

All the beauty uses alone could save you up to $70 with one jar for personal use to replace all of these items. Now get a second jar for household use to replace these products.


6. Gunk Remover

Ever get gum or gunk stuck on furniture? Use coconut oil to help it let up and release from surfaces and break down the gunk while also polishing the furniture. It can moisturize the wood while getting the gunky stuff off of the finish instead of buying a specific product like goo gone or furniture cleaner that you will use once!

essential oils

7. Carrier Oil for Diffuser

Into your essential oils right now? Use coconut oil as the carrier for your oils in your diffuser. Opt out of the expensive candles to get that scent you are looking for and instead use natural essential oils with a bit of your coconut oil in a diffuser to get the same effect!

8. Shoe Shiner

Those leather kicks need a good polish, but you don’t need to spend $20 on a special kit. Use a soft rag and a bit of the oil to rub and polish our scuffs and blemishes to make leather boots and shoes shine like new again.

9. Lubricant

Bike chain stuck again? Get things moving with a bit of natural lubricant like coconut oil. It can break up rust build up and gunk to restore function on chains and even zippers so you don’t have to go replacing the bike chain or throwing away that duffle bag with the stuck zipper!

10. Detergent

Have sensitive skin or just trying to detoxify your laundry room? Make all-natural detergent. Combine your coconut oil with lye, water and whatever essential oils you fancy and create an organic laundry detergent that won’t irritate sensitive skin or introduce harsh toxic chemicals into your body.

You may not go as far as making your own soap or toothpaste (although you could!) but coconut oil has plenty of uses that can help replace those expensive and toxic beauty and household products you are using daily.

Just get a $6 jar and watch the magic happen when you start using coconut oil over other solvents, cleaners and beauty supplies and see how long one jar will last you!