10 Home Decor Trends for Summer 2018 According to Interior Designers

10 Home Decor Trends for Summer 2018 According to Interior Designers

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersJul 20, 20186 min read

Staying on trend this season doesn't only apply to what is in your closet. Your home is a reflection of you, your style and your ability to stay on trend and on budget. With these top 10 trends from interior designers and amazing items from Build, you can ensure your place is timeless, chic and oh-so-trendy.


1. Texture

Texture can add a lot for very little and as we have seen this season is ALL about textures. With woven rugs and throw pillows, tassels galore and even macramé wall hangings the big chunky patterns and textures from this home décor trend make for some great statement pieces.

Whether you are going for an eclectic vibe or international décor, look well-traveled and trendy with textured décor on your couch walls and everything in between. They are simple affordable options to change up a room’s look and stay on top of home décor trends this season.


2. Geometry

You may not have passed it in high school, but you can surely Ace this subject in home décor. Geometric shapes and patterns are everywhere. In order to do this trend, the right way we suggest getting geometric shapes in small concentrated forms like table décor, statues or even geometric vases.

This allows for a change from the usually rounded candelabras and tall cylinder vases and gives a fun edge to your coffee tables and décor. Plus, you want elements of geometry, but you don’t want your guests getting overwhelmed with angles and shapes across the walls. The subtlety makes this trend easy and affordable!


3. Greenery

Terrariums, succulents, ferns oh my! Greenery isn’t just good for the soul it is good for décor. Adding house plants provide affordable opportunities to give your room small upgrades and detail. From the type of plant you choose to the kind of planter or vase it sits in, there are small opportunities to use greenery to upgrade the look of any room.

We have been seeing plants, both real and artificial, everyone in home décor this season and it isn’t going away any time soon. Bringing the outdoors in is a trend that is sticking around for a while and if you can’t have that glass wall letting natural light and greenery in, just bring the greenery indoors!

ombre lamp

4. Ombre

https://www.build.com/quorum-international-8002-pendant-light/s951521?uid=2968267 No, we aren’t talking about the hair trend, but ombre is definitely in, in a new way. When it comes to home décor, using subtle changes in colors and tones can make a world of difference without having to do much at all. We love this summer trend because of its simplicity.

You can apply it to wall colors, bedding, rugs and even ombre lighting and accents to give the ombre elements interior designers are loving right now. The great thing is, ombre looks good in almost every color, from bright to pastel and even metallics, the ombre trends are versatile, subtle and chic. Did we mention it is affordable to get ombre elements without overhauling the entire room?

gold wall decor

5. Metallic

Speaking of metallic, metals are IN! From rose gold to chrome everyone loves a little glimmer and shine to their décor and this season the metallic trend is on point. A little metal never hurt anybody and while it is easy to go overboard (come down Midas) it only takes a few things to get that metallic look we love.

A simple gold wall hanging, or metallic planters or candles are small simple ways to get on this trend. Try mixing and matching! We love the geometric trend in metallics, it is a great way to add a sophisticated look to any room for less!

reclaimed wood cabinet

6. Reclaimed and repurposed

Recycling is in and what better way to show your sustainable mindset than with statement furniture made from reclaimed wood? These items serve multiple purposes from being trendy and stylish to mindful and sustainable in your home. Not to mention they are functional and sturdy pieces that will keep your guests talking long after the season is over.

Reclaimed wood and material are great ways to help the environment and your home décor!

marble vanity

7. Marble

Marble will forever be in no matter how you style it. From countertops to tiles elements of marble create a luxurious environment without costing you too much. You don’t need marble columns to get the vibe you are looking for, just add a small vanity to the bathroom with a marble top or get marble coasters for the coffee table to add the touch of sophistication to every room with this trend.

texure wallpaper

8. Ceilings

We know what you are thinking “How can ceilings be a décor trend?”, every room has a ceiling. At least, it should. But what can you do with that ceiling? Make it a focal point of design by upgrading that ceiling. No, we don’t mean that outdating popcorn texture, we mean pattern, wall paper, decals and even murals.

Ceilings are a blank canvas waiting to be enhanced with color and pattern. Smooth out the ceilings texture and had a geometric wallpaper or something that will give a simple detail to the room that draws the eye. Wallpaper is a great affordable way to add to those blank walls and an even better way to upgrade your ceiling and get with the trends.

taupe living room

9. Monochrome

Who says you can’t have one color in a room? The monochrome look is in this season and is a great way to simplify your life and your décor. Pick one color and stick to that family. Go with a nice grey taupe and work your way around that color wheel. The difference in tones gives you dimension but the simplicity of one color gives you a timeless look that saves you money on redecorating in the future!

We suggest picking a subtle and workable color like blue, that can still be simple and muted, yellows and pinks, however, may not be the best idea for this summer décor trend.

mirror cabinet

10. Dual Purpose

Find items with a dual purpose to not only save space but save money. We don’t only mean dual purpose in how you use it either, but in the trends, it encompasses. Find items that have elements of a geometric shape with metallic vibes to get a futuristic and chic look. Not to mention items that are used as décor and storage!

We love items that you can use for more than one thing, and items that hit on multiple trends at once that can create an entire ambiance for a room. Find a statement piece that does this and build the look around it to hit on these trends this summer.

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