Procrastinate Much? 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Snatch Up Just in Time

Jun 15, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

Why, hello there, procrastinator! We know what you’re thinking: “Father’s Day is THIS weekend???!!!” Yes, you adorable, little last-minute shopper, it’s this Sunday, June 17th, to be exact. Since you still need a gift and need it stat, we’re here to help! That’s to say, as long as you don’t put off reading this post!

Is your dad always hungry? Add some munchies to his menu with something a little fancier. We love and for gifting of all kinds, but especially for Father’s Day. And since 10 out of 10 dads we polled said they are big on foodstuffs, why not spoil Pops with some deliciousness?

At, brands like and are so good, we just eat ‘em up! Here are our picks for that sweet dad in your life:

popcorn tin

1. Got a Movie Buff? Tune In!

If 95% of the time you can find Dad lounging in his recliner, and the other 5% sprawled out on the couch, you, our friend, have a father who loves his fiction. Whether he’s into classic movies, new releases, or the cinematic world of Netflix, ensures he will have his favorite movie snack with this Father’s Day Gourmet Popcorn Tin. Get 1 gallon or a whopping 3.5 gallon tin and hope he shares this delicious snack. You can choose his favorite flavor for sweet or savory including kettle corn, caramel, white cheddar, or good ole’ fashioned butter.

football care package

2. Got a Guy Who Likes to Keep Score? Kick Off the Day with a Little Ball!

For the football fanatic, we’ve got your back. Hut, hut, hut over to to tackle a great deal for Daddio. This Father’s Day Touchdown is a lifesaver for the holiday, bursting with scrumptiousness, including salty snacks, sweet treats, and a football! Check it out online for the complete list of goodies. It’s a winner! Well-played, you!

beer and nuts

3. Got a Bonafide Nut at Home? Tickle His Taste Buds!

If your special dad-type is an avid snacker, give him the Savory Assorted nuts and craft beer. Get him his favorite salty treats and help him wash it down with IPA’s, Pilsners and more. See how considerate you are? Let him crunch on goodness like pistachios and peanuts and drink his brew from a frosty glass mug (2 mugs are included!)

shaving gift basket

4. Got a Dad that Keeps Up with His Appearance? Put This Panache Into His Day!

Dads sometimes need the nudge to keep their grooming and style on point? The Men’s Premium Grooming Kit by Zirh has all he needs to stay looking his best for mom. With premium high-quality products like shave cream, facial conditioner and a Harry’s Razor Kit, Dad will have all he needs for his morning and nightly skin routine to take care of his manly well-groomed appearance.

frill gift basket

5. Got a Grill Master for Dad? Give Him the Right Tools and Accessories for BBQ Heaven

If your dad loves throwing meat on the grill and concocting his own rubs and recipes this gift basket is for him. The Father’s Day Ponderosa BBQ Basket comes with spice rubs, sauces and utensils like a new grill brush he has been hinting at and stainless steel spatula for those heavy duty pieces of meat.

cookies and brownies

6. Got a True Blue Sweet Tooth? Bring Him Some Baked Goods, Kiddo!

If your dad is a straight-up brownie and cookie connoisseur, you’ve got to get him the Father’s Day Cookie & Brownie Gift Box from With a variety of flavors from chocolate chunk to butterscotch to lemon sugar, your dad will be in pig-out heaven. This decadent cookie and brownie gift box is so delish, you might want to order a second one just for you. You won’t regret it! Scout’s honor.

president cheesecake sampler

7. Got a Cheesy Dad? Do Him a Flavor!

And you can’t visit a cheesecake website without a cheesecake, right? Let that hard-working dad have a delightful day with the President’s Choice Cheesecake Sampler. After all, you’re doing it out of love! With eight signature flavors, he can try them all, or share with family. This delicious, to-die-for sampler includes New York, Strawberry Swirl, Turtle, Amaretto, Cherry Almond, Triple Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate Raspberry slices. Maybe your dad’s waistline won’t thank you, but with our promo codes, your wallet will.

creme brulee

8. Got a Foodie Dad? Give the Family Sophisticate Something to Savor!

We also adore the Crème Brulee Cheesecake. Seriously, who wouldn’t? This indulgent piece of edible art will make your dad feel so pampered, appreciated, and sugary-sweet. The vanilla beans, the caramelized sugar, the fresh cream…why haven’t you ordered this already?! After tasting this masterpiece, your dad will never be the same!

fruit cheesecake

9. Got a Health Conscious Dad? Get in Those Vitamins Through Cheesecake!

Dad loves his fiber and nutrients, so do the healthy thing and get him the Fruit Cheesecake Sampler! We’re not saying it’ll qualify as his daily dose of nutritious fruit, but we’re definitely saying he’ll be licking his chops for more. Slices of Strawberry Swirl, Cherry Almond, Lemon Blueberry, and New York will be worth every single calorie.

chocolate cheesecake

10. Got a Chocolate Addict? Milk It, Boys and Girls!

Father’s Day wouldn’t be Father’s Day without mentioning the chocolate. It’s not just the ladies’ choice of dessert, people! The Chocolate Lover’s Cheesecake Sampler is the ultimate chocolate extravaganza. Featuring Turtle, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, and Chocolate Raspberry, your dad will feel so sweet he might even give you some cash. (Disclaimer: We cannot legally promise you this.) More than anything he’ll feel loved. So, go ahead. Sweeten the man’s day and make his heart (and belly) ever happy.

Before you hit “checkout”, make sure you add our promo codes to your purchase. You’ll save! And to that we say, “Bravo, you, conservative spender!” and order before 3 and select overnight shipping to get it ASAP so you can give Dad this gift for Father’s Day

There are hundreds of products out there for Father’s Day, so we hope this and list has inspired you with some fun ideas for gifting that family man, crazy uncle, or delightful dog-dad. The main thing is to show how much you care, and however you choose to do that, we’re sure it’ll get noticed. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads we love, those still with us, and those we remember on the 17th. Thanks for being the men we look up to, now and always!