10 Brands That Give When You Buy

Apr 27, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

As consumers, we tend to enjoy buying from brands that take it upon themselves to give back through charity, community outreach, and other humanitarian efforts. And that seems to make sense, doesn’t it? There really is something nice about buying from a brand that’s trying to do some good in the world. features great deals on companies that do amazing work in many different fields, so you can patronize companies that reflect your values and still save money! Here’s a list of 10 brands you can find on that give back when you buy!


TOMS skyrocketed to main-stay, household name brand status through their pioneering of the “one-for-one” model of giving. Early on, when TOMS was selling shoes almost exclusively, they decided that for every pair of shoes purchased they would give one away to a child in need. TOMS has since expanded their business to sunglasses among other products and they’ve also expanded the scope of their giving. However, it was that first step that changed the state of marketing in a very significant way, inspiring in numerous companies to follow suit with similar concepts. “One-for-one” giving structures are now a staple in nearly every industry.


Patagonia, another innovator in using activism to shine a light on their brand, sells stylish-yet-functional clothing, camping equipment, and other products that enhance our experience of mother nature in all her magnificence and splendor. They market to nature enthusiasts and outdoorsy folks of all shapes and sizes, which is a consumer demographic particularly interested in maintaining natural beauty. So, Patagonia has seen to it that they put their money where their mouth is: every year, Patagonia gives thousands upon thousands of dollars in small grants to charities across the United States which focus on conservation and preservation efforts.


MiiR, named for the famed environmentalist John Muir, is a company whose entire ethos is built around charitable action. At first, MiiR manufactured steel water bottles, choosing to market a relatively sustainable product since steel is both durable and antimicrobial, giving them a product with longevity. From the very beginning, MiiR made the choice to devote 3% of its total revenue to charitable projects, the first of which were sustainable clean water infrastructure programs. Today the brand sells other simple, sustainable products like bikes, backpacks, and bags which all are earmarked for different charitable campaigns.


Their slogan “Gear For Good”, tells you right from the get-go what sort of a brand Cotopaxi is. In addition to selling trendy, functional fashion and accessories for the outdoors Cotopaxi invests in partnering with non-profits that focus on poverty alleviation and reduction efforts. For example, in 2017 they partnered with Educate Girls International to increase access to quality education for girls in parts of India; by combatting disparity in education between the sexes, Educate Girls helps create a better life for girls and their communities. And that’s only one of their amazing partners!


Bombas is a sock manufacturer that subscribes to the one-for-one model of giving, donating one pair of socks to the homeless for every pair sold. It’s no cliché that the facilities which provide services to our homeless neighbors are almost always in desperate need of socks. Small tokens of kindness like a new pair of socks do not go unappreciated and they can make a world of difference for one person. So, next time you notice a hole in some of your socks, consider replacing them with Bombas. has a department called Worldstock which is devoted to sourcing fair trade goods from around the world. gives 100% of net profits from Worldstock back to the artisans and communities that produce the goods featured there. According to their website, 60-70% of sales return directly to the artisans, while the remainder is devoted to humanitarian efforts in these artisans’ communities. The allocation of this other 30-40% is allocated to different programs based on the needs of the specific communities, materializing as school supplies in on a place or a water purification program in another. Don’t forget, you can save money on goods you find at Worldstock at!


Being an unparalleled giant of a corporation, Walmart has occasionally fallen under the microscope of criticism, an inevitability given their high profile and reach. Such criticisms can sometimes leave a bad taste in consumers’ mouths and make them feel like they ought to spend their money elsewhere. However, corporations as large as Walmart have an awful lot of spending power when it comes to giving back through charity. In fact, in 2016 Walmart gave more than $1.4 billion in grants to various causes. In recent years the Walmart Foundation has been focusing on giving grants to sustainable ventures like renewable energy programs.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida sells cute, unique bracelets that are handmade by artisans from around the world. The company originally sourced its goods from Costa Rica, but has since expanded into other countries like El Salvador and India. You can feel good about shopping with Pura Vida because you know you’re buying fair trade products that are intentionally non-exploitative. In addition to featuring fair trade goods, Pura Vida also partners with hundreds of charities to support myriad causes.


Not unlike Walmart, Microsoft is a uniquely massive and powerful corporation. The company’s founder Bill Gates is notoriously charitable, giving millions upon millions through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His brain-child, Microsoft, has inherited these charitable sensibilities and gives several millions of dollars to a wide range of non-profits. In addition to supporting different non-profits with cash donations, Microsoft also gives away hardware and software to charities so they can streamline their work and increase their effectiveness with access to new technologies.

The Company Store

The Company Store is another brand that abides by one-for-one giving, donating a comforter to a homeless child for each one purchased. Their partner in this work is Family Promise, which provides basic staple goods and services to homeless and low-income families across the United States. Bedding is The Company Store’s focus, so their one-for-one giving is not limited to small part of their business model. They do also sell other home furnishings and even cozy apparel for men and women! Take a look at all the great deals you can get at The Company Store with a little extra love from, along with all the other amazing brands featured in this article!