10 Best Amazon Back-to-School Deals

10 Best Amazon Back-to-School Deals

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJul 17, 20145 min read

When you wake up hearing the footsteps of the kids running to get their things together, you know it’s back-to-school deals time. Amazon is a big name when it comes to getting your shopping done quickly and conveniently. Right now parents can find huge deals for stretching their dollar. Here are the highlights for best Amazon back-to-school deals for your techy tots and college-bound teens.

Amazon Back-to-School Deals

That tablet’s on fire!

Kindle Fire HD available in 8 or 16GB: at Amazon starting at $119.00
Savings of $20-40 (15-24% off)

Amazon is quite the competitor in the tablet world, offering multiple designs with the Kindle. Starting at an easily manageable $69 on standard black and white Kindles, you can read hundreds of books, articles and news from the palm of your hand. If reading isn’t the only love in your life, take a look at the Kindle Fire HD. It lets you surf the web for research purposes, play games in high quality, and watch videos and shows in stunning high definition. You can get a decent 8GB for $119 or upgrade to 16GB for $10 more.

Just throw it in the bag!

AM Landen Canvas Bag in brown: at Amazon for $29.95
Savings of $50.24 (63% off)

The kids need somewhere to stash their stuff, but my goodness, if it’s not fashionable they won’t wear it. AM Landen makes a wonderful canvas bag that looks like a throwback to mom and pop’s olden days in school. It’s made strong with leather straps to keep things safe, even when it’s raining. Great for school, traveling and camping, you’re sure to find more than one use for it. It comes in five colors and for less than $30, you can appreciate it as much as your kids.

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator: at Amazon for $94.00
Savings of $95 (50% off)

Not to say a calculator should be used to give you every answer, but calculus is a whole lot easier with one. Texas Instruments remains the number one brand in graphing and computing calculators. It’s built solider than a laptop and rarely needs to change batteries. With 50% off, you’ll thank the heavens when you ace your exams.

Do you hear what I hear?

Sol Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones in Red: at Amazon starting at $49
Savings of $50 (50% off)

If you watched the 2012 Olympics in London, you might have seen Michael Phelps and other athletes sporting these Sol Republic headphones. Customizable and interchangeable, these headphones let you sport whatever look you’re feeling while keeping you in the zone with big, beefy speakers. The band was designed to be virtually indestructible and can bend whichever way—if you’ve got a big head or a small one (no shame in either). You can grab a pair of these starting at $49 and choose from multiple colors and features.

And I ran! I ran so far away!

Nike Free FlyKnit+ Running Shoes: at Amazon starting at $70.49
Savings of up to $89.51 (56% off)

Nike has been making comfort a reality for years and now they’ve brought you a whole new type of shoe. Introducing the Nike Free FlyKnit+ running shoes. They’re super flexible and provide the support you need for busy class days as well as late-night workouts. They feature a second skin so you won’t have the need for socks, and the Flywire Cable Lace makes it easy to lace up with having to feel it.

Do you remember the time?

Casio G-Shock Tough-Solar Watch: at Amazon starting at $82.24
Savings of $47.76 (37% off)

A student’s life means running on the playground or across campus. Your kids will need all the help they can get because you won’t always be there to wake them up. The Casio G-Shock is a solid watch that will last virtually forever. Features include a digital display, LED backlight, alarms, timers and advanced Tough Solar technology which guarantees your will never run out of power as long as it gets sunlight. Grab one for as little as $82 and choose from a wide selection of colors.

Flash! Ahhhh!

SanDisk Cruzer 2.0 USB Orbit Flash Drive: at Amazon starting at $6.49-$19.95
Savings of $20 (50-64% off)

No matter how old your son or daughter is, they’ll benefit from having access to portable memory. The SanDisk Cruzer Orbit is a nifty looking flash drive with a resolvable cover (because we’ve all lost the cap to our flash drives before). It’s small and can hold onto a keychain for easy access. It runs in an 8GB to a huge 32GB, making it easy to store all those reports you write.

Sit Down. Drank. Stand up. Drank.

Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle: at Amazon for $7.99
Savings of $2 (20% off)

Hydration is one thing you want your kids to keep up with no matter where they are. Brita makes it easier to clean water no matter where it comes from. The filter is located right inside and all you have to do is fill the bottle with water. Every time you take a sip, it comes out clean. For less than $10, and two months of bottle filtering before you have to change it, it’s a complete steal.

They see me rollin’

High Bounce Complete 22” Skateboard: at Amazon for $37.99
Savings of $32 (46% off)

Going retro, skateboarding is making a huge comeback. The High Bounce skateboard is a nice throwback to what those street surfers used back in the day. It’s made from a strong plastic with high-quality axels, rubberized wheels and smooth bearings. Your kids will appreciate this as they cruise to class in style.

The prime of your life

$99 for a full year with first month free
$49 for students with first 6 months free

The best thing you can get—not only for yourself—is an Amazon Prime account for your kids. You get express shipping on Prime-qualified items as well as free episodes to your favorite shows, movies and e-books. You can try it for one month free and opt out completely risk-free. If you already have a Prime account and don’t plan on using it, college students can get Amazon Prime for half the price to purchase discount books through Amazon and its many certified sellers.