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Blendtec specializes in blenders, and today, they have products in many coffee shops, juice shops and smoothie shops all over the US. These blenders have revolutionized the kitchen, allow you to improve the kitchen and provide a healthier life. Turn your blending experience into a powerful and effective one, and make your freshly healthy smoothies easier than ever. With Blendtec, blenders go beyond simply making smoothies. Blendtec offers a series of residential and commercial blenders, dispensers, accessories and a lot more you can use to make recipes you’ve never tried before, like a pro. The unique line of products gives you more control over the ingredients you use and consume, plus guaranteed quality and durability so you can enjoy your purchase for a long, long time. There are even a lot of fun recipes readily available on the website that are simple and easy to try so you’ll have something new to experiment with every time. That includes classic favorites like different flavored smoothies and ice cream, plus the more daring ones like cauliflower rice and brownies. All Blendtec products are designed to make life easier and food preparation quicker so you can get to the tasting part a lot faster. Since they’re built to last, Blendtec products will be part of your life and your cooking space for a long time, giving you great value for your money. Plus, Blendtec ensures you get the best deals on your residential and commercial products by putting you in touch with authorized dealers near you so you can get your order faster. We help you save on commercial and residential blenders and other products on offer with Blendtec coupons on our site you can use for a discount when you shop.

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blendtec Coupons and Deals

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Tom Dickson, an inventor and entrepreneur, is the founder of the Blendtec brand. He always had an inventing streak in him, which became a quest to create a strong blender when the one he’d been given as a wedding present was broken. One of his first products was the Mix n’ Blend, which was a combination of a blender and a mixer. Blendtec quickly became famous for its products that are durable and effective. After the first product, the next was a commercial blender, quickly followed by many others. To this day, Blendtec continues to produce and offer quality commercial and residential blenders, which you can get at affordable prices by using the Blendtec promo codes and coupons available on our site.

The Blendtec website has two main categories of products, which are Residential and Commercial. The residential section has all the blenders you can use in your home, along with storage containers, accessories, mills, and mixers. There are variations of the residential blenders, listed as series, for example, the Classic Series, Designer Series, and Pro Series. You can choose a blender for your home according to the unique features on each model and use Blendtec coupons from to stretch your budget.

The commercial section has blenders, dispensers and self-serve equipment, jars, lids, and accessories that are ideal for industrial use such as restaurant kitchens. When you click on any of the products listed in the Commercial section, you’ll see the different models you can get. Each model will have a separate product details page with more information on how it works and the features it has. If any of the products catch your attention, you can click on Find A Dealer to get details of a dealer near you where you can place your order. Make sure you check for Blendtec deals while you shop to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

In order to make sure that you get the maximum efficiency from the products you order, Blendtec has product guides and a Use and Care page with all the informaton you might need. That includes user guides for specific blenders so you’ll get a guide that’s made specifically for the model you own. There’s also a recipes section in the blog with fully-detailed recipes you can try with your new blender and guides on the latest diet fads like how to make celery juice.

After purchasing your Blendtec product, it’s recommended to register it through the online registration page. The page consists of a form, where you’ll be required to enter your name, residential address, email address, phone number, date of purchase, place of purchase, and the product’s serial number. This information comes in handy if you have any trouble with your order down the line or need any kind of customer service. Blendtec prides itself on offering products that are built to last. That’s why they offer a long warranty period, for example, 2 years for Blendtec Fit models, 3 years for refurbished ones, and 3 years for jars that are purchased separately.

Blendtec Shipping Policy

The applicable shipping policy will depend on the dealer you choose to buy from, based on the recommended ones near you that Blendtec redirects you to when you’re shopping.

Blendtec Return Policy

For any problems with a Blendtec product you can contact the customer service line to get approval for a return. Upon approval, you’ll have up to 30 days from the time of delivery to initiate a return for a full refund, minus shipping costs. All original items must be included with our return. If you initiate the return after the 30-day window, you can only get your product repaired or replaced according to the warranty provided.

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