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Subscription box offering survival and tactical gear! With a monthly mission, each Battlbox box compiles complete with items that match the mission. There are options for upgrading as well as buying individual items for daily use of for survival. Perfect for outdoors people, doomsday preppers, and those who just like to be prepared. For preparation with savings, look to Promocodes.com!

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BattlBox Coupons and Deals

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Doomsday preppers! Survivalists! Nature lovers! Anyone who like to be prepared and have fun! Were calling all of you as the Battlbox has your name written all over it. Each box is equipped with gear that helps with the mission to survive! Boxes are themed or considered to be a mission and include a title such as Day Hike, Urban Survival, or Nuclear, Bilogical, Chemical. Alll of the products for that box, help with the mission and can be used right away or saved for when they are absolutely necessary. The company offers four levels of membership including Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus.

The basic membership includes manuals, supplies, gear, and survival tools with up to 7 items. The advanced membership includes items from Basic plus it has up to 3 higher value items and up to 10 items can be included in the box in its entirety. These items may include hiking essentials, EDC, and Bushcraft gear amongst others products. The Pro membership goes up to 11 items, and includes top of the line items, such as sleeping bags, watches and/or backpacks and more! Pro Plus, the biggest battle box, includes a special treat and variety of items. The company states that they are the original Knife of the Month club! This box includes a name brand, highly desirable knife and other top tier items not found in any of the other boxes. The site also hosts a monthly giveaway which means a free Battlbox!

With everything from knives to emergency preparedness to clothing and accessories, BattlBox has everything you need to survive your next outdoor trip. Whether you’re going hunting or camping or just on a local hike, BattlBox will set you up with the gear you need to be safe while you’re at it. Sign up for your subscription today, and get surprised every month in the mail.

Whether you chose the basic box that gets you 4-7 items a month or the Pro box that gets you almost 11, you’ll be sure to get something each month that you love. Simply fill out their sign-up form so they can get to know you and send personalized items each month, right to your door! And, when you use a BattlBox promo code at sign up, you’ll get great savings on your subscription!

For battlebox coupons, Promocodes.com has helpful information! Visit Battlebox for the things you need to survive!